DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Impact Combo Kit Review

A drill/driver is basically a multipurpose tool crafted for drilling holes and driving screws.

It consists of a key chuck which is compatible with a wide array of parts.

DEWALT has been manufacturing impact Drill equipment for nearly a century now.

It has been in business for more than 90 years and has an enviable reputation and is known for sturdiness and durability.

The DEWALT DCK240C2 Lithium Drill Driver Product Features & ComparisonDEWALT DCK240C2 Review

This 20 volt DEWALT Impact Driver does have its charms. Their customer policies make them an even more sought after brand as if The user finds anything unsatisfactory or problematic with a particular tool;

The company assures The customer The following:

  • 90-day Money-back satisfaction guarantee,
  • A one-year free service contract,
  • A three-year limited warranty.

Thus establishing their commitment to always satisfy The customer.

They have recently launched a new lithium drill driver, and we will be reviewing The same.

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Dewalt DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2

This Impact driver Kit consists of a lithium ion battery which is highly fittable, portable and easy to carry due to its extremely light construction as it stands to weigh 2.8 lbs.

It is crafted to fit snugly into all The tenacious and stubborn areas to facilitate Maximum utilitarian quality.

The main unit consists of a one-handed loading

The hex chuck ¼ inch measuring is compatible with bit tips measuring 1 inch

The three LED Light ring having a delay time of 20 seconds imparts adequate visibility during work in dark environments and that too without any shadow effects.

The additional belt hook feature is accommodated to provide Maximum portability at The site of work.

The Kit also consists of another strong component – the 20v Lithium-Ion compact Drill/Driver also ranking high on portability, workability and accessibility and is crafted with perfection to work best in most restricted areas.

You would love the high-performance motor. It can transmit as much as 300 unit watts out of power, thus making The Drill Driver useful in a multitude of purposes.

The entire unit also encompasses a high-speed transmission system that will offer you to work on two speeds which are 0-450 & 1,500 rpm for a wide array of attachment and drilling activities.

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The Other Features of the 20 volt Dewalt Impact driver

The single sleeve ratcheting chuck measuring ½ inch imparts a bit gripping strength which is highly tenacious and firm. To minimise the strain on the worker’s hand, the impact drill/driver handle is designed ergonomically so as to provide Maximum comfort, accessibility, and control and significantly minimise The stress generated on The arm during work.

The entire package is included in The DEWALT 20-Volt MAX system which consists of both these tools and works well with all batteries, chargers and accessories with a 20-Volt MAX configuration.

The entire package comprises of everything from a lithium impact driver to a lithium driver and lithium-ion battery packs. You also get a charger and carry bag.


  • The Kit is a highly multipurpose and versatile working tool
  • The package including The compact charger for The two batteries with a magnitude of 1.3 Ah is slimmer and sleeker in design.
  • The contractor bag makes it very easy to carry The already portable Kit at worksites.
  • The LED light display has an ideal delay time and automatically turns off when not in use. It also enhances The visual field of The operator and enables working in dark worksites.


  • The battery charger takes as long as an hour to replenish The batteries
  • The batteries are rated for a value of 1.3Ah which take longer to get recharged as compared to a 1.5 Ah battery provided in other kits.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, this Drill is an excellent option for those looking for a sturdy, workable yet easy to carry drilling equipment that has a highly powered system and durable and robust design.

Moreover, it comes at a competitive price, and The add-ons with The Drill and Driver make The product a must-have in your working kit. So unfasten your screws with The DEWALT DCK240C2!

The Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know

While a home improvement, mechanical and industrial work can prove to be quite a piece of work, requiring expensive manforce and equipment, machinery significantly reduces human effort and makes work more like fun.

There are certain tools which can accomplish The tough task of loosening worn out screws so as to replace various structures and fixtures and make The best use of machines that are undergoing a wearing out process.

What is an Impact Driver, after all?

An Impact Driver is basically a mechanical tool used by workmen that transmit a high magnitude, abrupt rotational force on the object. It is often utilized by mechanics to loosen out larger screws or typically bolts and nuts that are stuck on to one place due to rusting and corrosion or “frozen” or just over-torqued. Alternatively, it could also be used in a reverse direction to tighten the screws in your home – perfect for anything from wall paintings to hanging your TV

Alternatively, it could also be used in a reverse direction to tighten the screws in your home – perfect for anything from wall paintings to hanging your TV in the wall.

It’s a great way to ensure that you can remove those tight bolts in the home, and is one of the household essentials.

The construction of a typical manual Impact Driver will present an inner core stripped and surrounded by a heavier outer sleeve. The strip is constructed in a curvilinear shape. As a result, when one uses a hammer to strike the outer sleeve, a rotational force is generated in the center.

Now, what The tool does it that it translates the high magnitude of rotational inertia of The outer sleeve to The inner core which is much lighter to create a large magnitude of torque.

Simultaneously, the hammer’s strength is making the impact Driver go into the screw.

A cam out is basically The slipping out of The screwdriver from The head of The screw when The adequate torque value to turn a screw out is exceeded somehow.

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