DEWALT DCF815S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Review

The compact size of the DEWALT DCF815S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Impact Driver is specifically designed to get into narrow spaces where most traditional drivers won’t. It creates 3,400 impacts every minute, meaning you get great initial penetration, thus avoiding damaging drill bits.

It comes with a handy, inbuilt belt clip and not one, but two 12vli-ion long-lasting, quick-charging, power battery packs, each holding 1.1 amp hours. They will each take between 30 minutes and an hour to charge from empty. The kit box contains the driver, a charger, two Li-ion batteries a bag and handy belt clip. This impact driver comes with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • a compact, lightweight design  allowing it to fit into tight areas,
  • 3 LED lights to provide good visibility,
  • one-handed loading of the 1/4-inch hex chuck,
  • a three year warranty

Who is it for?

DCF815S2 a tool ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much money and yet still have a driver which is powerful enough to tackle jobs that even the best of brands baulk at. It will push long screws into the heaviest, densest, drill bit eating wood you’ll ever come across.

Pros and cons

It is the perfect length to apply the maximum leverage, letting you get the best from the impact driver’s high, 79 inch lbs of torque. Additionally, the impact driver’s three in-built LEDs, radially mounted about the barrel, will brighten your work area for much better visibility.

A simple push switch gives you a reverse option in case you need to remove screws as well as drill them in. With the 2.3 pounds of its, user friendly,  lightweight body distributed in an ideal, balanced manner, between its well-designed, ergonomic body with the new, compact battery pack, the Dewalt is light and easy to handle. A 1/4” chuck is designed to be operated with just one hand, and is wide enough for bits of up to 1”.

The compact size of the impact driver means it’s able to slip into very small spaces, such as below a cabinet or in between ceiling beams.

Despite being light weight and quite small, this impact driver isn’t frail at all, but very solidly built.  The trio of LEDs do indeed rid the area you are drilling of annoying shadows.  Having 2 Li-ion batteries which charge in under an hour is not only handy, but means you can keep on working continuously.

Why should you buy it?

It is well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone, from building professionals to talented DIY addicts like myself. This impact driver is a high performance industrial quality tool, and it has a three year warranty, a one year free service contract, and a 90 day money back guarantee.


Don’t let its small size belie the workmanship of this product. DEWALT DCF815S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Impact Driver is small for a reason, to lessen the weight on your arms and wrists. It is beautifully designed and well crafted. Got to say that it’s very impressive indeed, could be one problem buying it though; you will probably have to do lots more projects so you can spend time playing with it.

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