DEWALT DC827KL 18-Volt 1/4-inch Lithium Ion Impact Driver Review

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Not many tools crank out 1330 inch-pounds of vigorous twisting force, when powered by a 18-volt Li-ion Battery as DEWALT DC827KL Impact Driver does.

This weighs only 3.7 pounds, and is no lengthier than 5-3/4 inches, yet it takes on complex fastening applications like driving screws, lugging large nuts and bolts and Tapcons.

It is capable of rotating both ways, thereby producing anywhere between 0-2400 RPM, and 0-2700 BPM. Sheer force that it feeds directly to the fastener amazes, and gives us a clear impression of how powerful this tool is.

The DEWALT DC827KL Lithium Drill Driver Product Features & ComparisonDEWALT DC827KL

which is a very good deal for all the benefits you receive like the ones shown below.

  • Guaranteed tool durability and long lasting life, thanks to the new frameless motor that comes with replaceable brushes
  • Unique design with special focus to lightweight handling and compact size allows operator to use it in tighter spots while performing applications
  • Brushes (Replaceable) for enhanced usability, and well textured grip that provides better control and anti-slip comfort
  • Faster speed of operation
  • Vigorous torque of nearly 1,330 in-lbs with which users can carry out a wide array of applications be it fastening, tightening etc.
  • All metal transmission
  • Long lasting durable gear case made of sturdy magnesium
  • Comes with two 18-volt Li-ion batteries, one hour rapid charger, and storage case.
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • Money back guarantee for 90 days, and a contract for 1 year free service

Who is it for?

If you want a tool that does exceedingly well, driving screws, without skipping a beat, regardless of whatever it’s been put through, this impact driver is for you.

Pros and Cons

Design engineers have done a great job of putting great amount of torque to work just to maximize its power output, and it showed- this DEWALT DC827KL managed to out-drive all its competitors in terms of speed of operation.

It does not tire out driving screws into any surfaces, no matter what. Yes, if you require a tool for dedicated screw driving, look no further; it might sound to be a bit too pricey, but this impact driver is a champion performer, as the impact mechanism does it all for you.

Its compact sizing and lightweight design would not wear out your arm even if you aim to drive hundreds of screws. The Nano battery is very light in weight, and does last longer than other batteries that have a similar rating. For a tool as weightless, and compact as this one, the power it delivers is a bit surprising.

It would have been an ideal impact driver had it had an adjustable torque setting which has become an aspect of commonality on the market these days. Another downside is that, at times, it smelled- no matter what batteries were used- as if it got stripped out on the inner side, but, it wouldn’t affect its performance anyway.

Why You Should Buy DEWALT DC827KL

A great combination of power, precision and balance. Slight trigger press helps you watch over what you do even in poorly lit spots. As said earlier, drives out anything from deck screws, lag screws, drywall screws etc.


DEWALT DC827KL 18-Volt 1/4-inch Lithium Ion Impact Driver is the best of best impact drivers on the market.

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