Best Ryobi 18v Impact Driver Reviews 2021

Last Updated on September 2, 2021

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, impact drivers are handy for small jobs and projects around the house (honestly, even large construction projects). However, like most useful power tools, it’s difficult to locate a model that meets your needs in terms of momentum force (torque) and speed …. while still getting the work done efficiently!

Ryobi power tools are one of the most highly recommended impact driver manufacturers in the world. Today, we’ll present the five finest Ryobi 18v impact drivers to purchase in 2021.

For those new to the world of impact drivers, use the table of contents to skip ahead to find out why you should utilize an impact driver vs a typical drill driver. We have also included a maintenance trinket to aid you in properly caring for your new equipment. We hope you enjoy.

Let’s dive in …

Top 5 Ryobi Impact Drivers in 2021

ModelRyobi One+ P236Ryobi One+ P261Ryobi One+ P271Ryobi One+ P1832Ryobi One+ P884
Dimensions12 x 3 x 9 inches‎12.4 x 10.4 x 7 inches‎9.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches‎14.5 x 6.4 x 1.2 inches
Battery‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion‎Lithium Ion
Chuck / Drive1/4 inches1/2 inches1/2 inches1/4 inches1/4 inches
RPMUp to 3,200 RPM
Variable speeds
Up to 3,200 RPM
3 speed control
Up to 1,600 RPM
2 speed control
Up to 1,600 RPM
2 speed control
Up to 1,600 RPM
2 speed control
Torque134 ft-lb300 ft-lb340 ft-lb134 ft-lb134 ft-lb
Weight2.65 lb‎1.65 lb3 lb3.14 lb2.65 lb
Other accessories included?N/A
(Batteries Not Included)
1. 1x BatteriesN/A
(Batteries Not Included)
1. 1x P277 Drill Driver
2. 2x Batteries
3. 1x Dual Charger
4. 1x Tool Bag
1. 1x Drill Driver
2. Circular Saw
3. Reciprocating Saw
4. 1x Work Light
5. 1x Battery Each
6. 1x Charger
7. 1x Tool bag
Warranty90 Days limited3 Year Limited

1. Ryobi Impact Driver (18-volt 1/4-inch p236)

Ryobi impact driver p236

When it comes to fastener driving, and you want an impact driver that will get the job done correctly, look no further! Your work just becomes simpler with the Ryobi P236 Impact Driver. It provides sufficient power for nearly all home driving activities. It generates 1,600 inch-pounds of torque and rotates at a rate of 3,200 revolutions per minute. To aid in driving time and comfort, an LED light is located near the chuck of this impact driver, allowing for a brighter workstation. Avoid slips, and a rubber overgrip guarantees enhanced friction for continued stability. Another attractive feature of this device is the magnetic tray located at the driver’s base, which makes it simpler to store fasteners and other small components. For convenience, bit substitution is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is take the collar out and secure it with the bits. Carry out the opposite to dislodge them. None of them need the use of tools. Homeowners and professionals alike rely on the finest Ryobi impact driver. As the One+ moniker implies, it is compatible with Ryobi 18V batteries that are either existing or non-existent as the One+ moniker implies.

Key Features:

  • RUBBER OVERMOLD: To ensure a secure grip, the pistol has a notched mold. This improves accuracy in slippery circumstances.
  • TRI-BEAM LED LIGHTING: Simply activate the trigger to illuminate your workstation. This function provides you with the necessary illumination to do your tasks even in gloomy locations.
  • Easy BIT CHANGING: With this Cordless Impact Driver, there is no need to use a tool to change your bit. All that is required is to connect a bit into the chuck to secure it. To expel the bit, just pull the collar back until it falls into your hand.
    MAGNETIC TRAY: The magnetic tray function provides additional stability and flexibility for your hands. Fasteners and bits are stored on the device to guarantee security.
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: Since this impact driver is part of the One+ family of 18V power tools, Ryobi batteries (18V) are compatible with both NiCad and lithium-ion batteries.


  • Eliminates lug nuts
  • Rapidly initiates and terminates
  • Provides accurate driving depth
  • LED illumination for dimly lit work locations
  • Unlike other items, this one loosens and tightens screws.
  • Impact driver of superior quality, strength, and durability


  • LED lights only engage when the bit begins to spin

2. Rryobi Impact Driver p261 18v 1/2 3 Speed

Ryobi impact driver p261

Are you an active DIYer? Are you looking for a Ryobi cordless impact wrench that is ideal for use on construction sites or for removing lug nuts from automobiles? Then I have some excellent news for you! The Ryobi 18v cordless impact wrench is a must-have tool. This tool is critical if you are a tough do-it-yourselfer. This impact wrench is required for woodwork installations of lag bolts on building sites. Additionally, it is excellent for removing lug nuts from your automobile. Ryobi P261 is the ideal tool for these and other more demanding applications. The tool’s impact rate may be adjusted from 0 to 3,200 per minute using the included 3-speed selector. Additionally, a notched rubber overgrip is included as part of the compact design. It enables you to maintain a secure grip on your tool even in slick circumstances. Is there no light? There is no problem! The integrated LED light illuminates your workstation as you work on your project. Additionally, it is compatible with the Ryobi 18v tool’s battery system. Take your tool from its packaging and begin working with it nearly immediately. Utilize this high-quality impact wrench to get professional results while doing do-it-yourself jobs. The impact wrench generates 300 ft-lb of torque. It weighs a total of 8 pounds and measures 3 x 8 x 7.8 inches in size.

Key Features:

  • RUBBER OVERGRIP: The pistol’s notched rubber mold ensures a secure grip throughout the duration of your job. This results in increased accuracy in slippery circumstances
  • Three-speed: With a three-speed selector, you may vary the tool’s impact per minute from 0 to 3,200
    LED Light: The Ryobi P261 is equipped with LED lights that may bring a touch of glitz to your office. Even in dimly lit settings, you can successfully do your tasks. Compatible with One+: As a part of the One+ 18V power tool family, it is compatible with the Ryobi 18v impact driver’s battery system
  • Stable Build: Built for heavy-duty usage and robust do-it-yourselfers with tough jobs to complete


  • The impact wrench has an LED light for increased workstation illumination.
  • The One+ 18V power tool family Provides a three-speed impact for adjusting the tool’s impact.
  • Tough impact wrench for rugged DIYers 
  • Designed for a secure grip in slippery circumstances


  • When the motor is turned on, a burning smell may come from it. 
  • The battery insertion design should be reviewed.

3. Ryobi p271 18v Drill (1/2 Inch 2-Speed)

Ryobi impact driver p271

Whether for renovations or new construction, the Ryobi P271 One+ 18 Volt Drill Driver is an excellent choice for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. The 24 position clutch on this drill allows for simple adjustment of the torque to suit your job. Bits may be changed quickly without the use of additional tools; the keyless chuck enables this. When moving from driving screws to boring holes or vice versa, there is no need to put the drill down; the change is simple. With a Lithium-Ion battery and a 1,500 RPM P271, you may want to have a look at this tool. At the heart of this stunning lime green and black drill is an inbuilt magnetic storage unit that facilitates bit change. All of the screws and drill bits required for your driving operations may be gathered in one location for easier project execution and storage. It weighs 3.1 pounds and is 9.5 x 3 x 7.5 inches in size. For extra convenience, this drill driver may be powered by any Ryobi battery. Both the older NiCad batteries and the Lithium-Ion One+ system batteries are adequate for usage. I strongly advise you to use this drill for any complex or routine jobs.

Key Features:

  • EASY BIT CHANGING: The Ryobi drill driver has a 1/2-inch keyless chuck that retracts to enable bit-changing
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: With the addition of a magnetic bit holder, screws and drill bits may all be combined in one convenient location
  • TORQUE CONTROL: The 24-position clutch is attached to the two-speed gearbox, guaranteeing suitable for various screw driving and hole drilling applications
  • OVERGRIP IN RUBBER: The friction between your hand and the tool is enhanced when you use this drill driver. It features a notch in the rubber pistol grip that makes it simple to use even when your hands are filthy or in bad weather
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: This drill driver may be powered by any of Ryobi’s batteries, including the One+ system batteries (which are comprised of Lithium Ions) and the yellow NiCad batteries


  • Heavy-duty drill driver
  • Lithium-Ion batteries for quick charge, long use, and lightweight
  • Compatible with One+ system batteries
  • Notched rubber pistol grip for increased friction
  • Bit changing is very easy


  • High vibration when halting

4. Ryobi P1832 Drill 18v (Impact Driver Kit)

Ryobi P1832

Ryobi’s P1832 18V Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Kit provides heavy-duty equipment with Lithium-Ion performance for your tasks. It has a 24 position clutch to accommodate your drilling and driving requirements. This drill driver features a keyless chuck, which makes bit replacement simple. This guarantees that you finish your tasks quickly. When it comes to Ni-Cd, this one boasts the most advanced lithium-ion performance. Apart from the 24 clutch settings, it features a two-speed transmission that provides excellent control over the drilling power. The Ryobi 18v impact driver kit features a cast aluminum-encased gearbox that generates 1600 in-lbs of torque and an easy-access belt clip. Additionally, it features a 14-inch fast connect coupler for simple bit swaps. As a Ryobi One Plus system member, the batteries included with this tool are extremely compatible and perform admirably when used with other Ryobi products. Additionally, the notched rubber molding on the grip ensures maximum stability, allowing you to perform effectively in any circumstance. Screws and other required items are stored in a single location with their magnetic holder.

Key Features:

  • DRILL DRIVER GEARBOX: The Ryobi impact driver kit has a dual-speed gearbox and a 24-setting clutch, ensuring that you have complete control over your drilling power. Additionally, it includes a keyless chuck that simplifies bit changeover, allowing for speedier work completion
  • IMPACT DRIVER GEARBOX: This is a driver with a cast aluminum housing for the gearbox. Additionally, this driver has a torque rating of 1600 in-lbs and a belt clip for convenient access. It has a 1/4-inch quick-connect coupler for simple bit changes
  • ONE+ COMPATIBLE: Two batteries included; compatible with all Ryobi One+ system tools. The twin 18V batteries included with this device are designed to endure for the duration of your task, whether it’s driving, drilling, sanding, or strumming, whether lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium, the P118 charger included in this package is compatible with any Ryobi battery
  • EASY RUBBER GRIP: Both the impact driver and drill have notched rubber molding on their pistol grips for increased stability and better task execution in various scenarios
  • BIT STORAGE: The magnetic other bit storage located at the base of both the impact driver and the drill keeps you organized as you work efficiently


  • High-quality lithium-ion batteries
  • Power lack tools with a good run time
  • Notched rubber mold for the easy pistol grip
  • Ryobi One+ family Compatible
  • 24 position clutch setting


  • Locking down chuck requires strength

5. Ryobi P884 18v battery (Combo Kit)

Ryobi P884

Allow it to go from chore to pastime with the Ryobi P884 One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Power Tool Set. Your do-it-yourself projects have just gotten a whole lot easier. This package includes 18V lithium-ion batteries. The kit includes a saw with a 7/8-inch blade. Capable of 100 SPM stroke length. Additionally, it has an impact driver for high-torque attaching operations with deck screws and spinning lag bolts. Additionally, there is a multifunctional carbide blade with a 5-12 inch circular saw. With a speed of up to 4700 RPM, this blade can cut through a variety of materials. This lightweight drill is equipped with a keyless chuck that securely holds a 12 inch bit. This variable-speed gadget enables you to select one of the 24 clutch settings that provide the optimal torque. The JobPlus base combined with the multi-tool adapter enables you to scrape, cut, and sand hard-to-reach areas. Is it a dark space? There is no issue. You are under no obligation to lose sight of your task. Additionally, the Ryobi power toolset includes a One+ work light. Place this in the most comfortable position for you, whether it is in the back, on the belly, or hanging from above. The light may be adjusted and rotated to the appropriate position. This is possible due to the work light’s multipurpose design, which provides maximum illumination adaptability. The saw handle (reciprocating anti-vibration handle) aids in preventing fatigue during extended use. The reciprocating saw is adjustable, allowing for precise control of the depth of cut; the pivoting shoe provides this control and allows for more efficient blade use. Having an ExactLine Laser that activates automatically while the circular saw is operating ensures accurate cutting.

Key Features:

  • Multi-tool: This is a collection of several Ryobi One+ power tools. They are a collection of Lithium-Ion tools that include a small drill/driver, an impact driver, a circular saw, a work light, a pivoting shoe, and batteries. All of these items and more are contained in a contractor bag
  • One+ work light: This allows you to work in dark spaces while not losing sight of work. It is very versatile, can be placed in different positions, and rotated to suit your need
  • Multi-tool adapter: This enables you to access otherwise inaccessible locations. This simplifies the process of scraping, cutting, and sanding those regions
  • Drill Magnetic Tray and LED light:  The drill included in this kit has a magnetic surface that makes it easier to keep screws and bits together while working on your project. Additionally, it features an integrated LED light that illuminates when the trigger is pushed


  • Multiple tools for multiple uses
  • Lightweight impact drill
  • Inbuilt LED light in Drill and Impact Driver
  • One+ torch for increased brightness of workspace
  • Comes with a contractor bag


  • Plastic chuck

Why Use An Impact Driver?: Aren’t Drill Drivers The Same?

Impact drivers and drill drivers are not identical, although they operate similarly. Both are extremely portable, easy to use, and are convenient power equipment – we all love them and guarantee you will too. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s the difference – here are a few:

  • A drill driver is a very versatile instrument that is used for (1) drilling holes and (2) screw driving
  • Impact drivers are designed with a specific purpose in mind – to quickly and easily drive screws.

As a result, you should drive your screws using an impact driver. They are designed specifically for that function, and as such, do it more quickly and comfortably than a drill driver or any other instrument. Impact drivers are capable of driving fasteners that are both long and big. Indeed, they are quite powerful, capable of delivering two to three times the torque of a standard drill. However, its strength does not negate its simplicity of use; an impact driver is comfortable and simple to operate.

That concludes our discussion of why you should utilize an impact driver. Additionally, you might consider utilizing an impact driver if you have a large number of screws or bolts, particularly large and lengthy screws, when working on your projects. Impact drivers are available in various configurations including manual, hydraulic, electric, and air compressed.

Impact Driver Maintenance Tips

As we just learned, an impact driver is a very useful piece of equipment. The following recommendations will assist you in keeping your impact driver in good working condition and, hopefully, potentiate its useful life. 

  1. Ensure Sockets Fit: When using an impact driver, it is critical to ensure that the sockets fit snugly. A loosely fitted socket could damage the driver or injure the operator
  2. Keep Away From Moisture: Never leave your driver outside; keep it indoors, away from moisture, and dust. Drivers should not be stored in damp areas since this promotes corrosion. Rust could soon render your impact driver useless or shorten its useful life
  3. Regularly Lubricate The Driver: Lubricate moving components to eliminate friction. This is a critical step that should be followed with caution: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to find the right lubricants. Many drivers’ motors include oil; you should change the oil regularly. Additionally, you may pour oil (approximately ten drops) into the intake and run the machine for a few minutes; this will guarantee that all moving components are lubricated
  4. Clean Driver After Every Use: After each usage, thoroughly clean the driver. When dirt accumulates on the driver’s vehicle, performance diminishes. Wipe away exterior debris with a clean cloth. Check the tool for leaking if it is air pressurized; a leak results in lower pressure and torque. The instruction handbook will direct you to the manufacturer’s recommended choice of cleaning materials
  5. Take Care Of Accessories: Accessories are equally as critical as the impact driver itself. They should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Always store them in a dry location
  6. Handle The Driver Correctly: Avoid reckless handling of the driver since this might injure the user. When operating the driver, ensure that you grasp it firmly by the handle. Avoid allowing the driver to fall to the ground; falling causes a shock to internal components, which may cause them to fail or displace. Additionally, it may result in leaks
  7. Don’t Attempt To Repair The Impact Driver On Your Own: If any driver component becomes defective, never attempt to fix it yourself; always seek the assistance of a skilled expert. Avoid attempting to repair it yourself; you risk causing further harm
  8. Watch Out For The Cords: Do not allow the cables to drag on the ground; instead, keep an eye out for cord breakage and replace it promptly. Always transport the driver safely. Never operate a driver with damaged cables
  9. Apply Moderate Torque: Excessive torque (force) might result in mishaps and damage to the sockets utilized. A protective cover is recommended to protect it from the weather
  10. Do Not Leave Driver Unused For A Long Time: As with any other equipment, it will deteriorate if it is left idle for an extended period. If you are not utilizing the impact driver for an extended time, ensure that you inspect it periodically to keep it in good condition. Pack the driver compactly and store it in a dry location. Purposefully operate it at daily or weekly intervals to keep it functional and lubricated

Bottom Line

Ultimately, we suggest all five of these Ryobi 18v impact drivers. Today, choose one (or all of them?), and you will be pleased you did.

I’m confident you’ll quietly thank me for proposing these powerful tools to you in the future. They are indispensable and must-have tools in your toolkit. What are you waiting for, then?

Like always, we hope this product review and bonus guides will help you to find the right product that meets your expectations.

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