Miter Saw Maintenance – Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on July 25, 2021

Do you own a woodworking workshop?

If yes, then the miter saw must be one of your favorite carpentry tools. Miter saw is a reliable power tool as it does most of the job every time you have to complete a woodworking project.

But, its performance may drop if used improperly or not maintained on a regular basis. That is why we are giving you a few tips so that you know where exactly you need to focus.

  • Get rid of dust particles 

The first step to take care of any industrial tool is to keep it clean by regular removal of wood debris and dust particles. Use compressed air to remove the dust from your miter saw. While doing so, always be careful while cleaning the movable parts of the tool. Once you are done using the compressed air, clean the saw with blade brush. In case you do not have a blade brush, you can use a regular wire brush with washing detergent on it. To clean the fences and other metal surfaces, get a scotch bright pad from any hardware shop clean them in a circular motion.

  • Regular inspection of components 

One of the best practice to keep your power tool reliable and efficient is to invest some time in checking its components. The saw is the most important part to check as it can get damaged over time. Working on a miter saw that has a damaged blade is extremely dangerous.

Inspect saw and other components including its kerf board, power cable, and brushes every two to three months. If you see any crack or signs of getting worn out, try to repair the part or replace it while the damage is still small.

  • Sharpening the blades 

The functionality of a miter saw majorly depends upon the blades. If the blades are sharp enough you will get desired results. That is why it is paramount to sharpen the blades, which will expand its life plus you do not have to spend money on a new blade.

To sharpen the blades, first of all, unplug the power from the tool and remove its saw. Take out all the debris from its teeth using a blade brush. Apply sharpening oil in circular motion. Fixate the saw and start sharpening its edge by running the sander towards the center.

  • Lubrication 

Another important part of the maintenance is to lubricate moving components of the miter saw. It will restore their functionality that may have degraded due to friction, humidity, usage, and other factors.

Disassemble the power tool and expose the components responsible for its mobility. Start with the handle, trigger and then the joints of each part. Use a brush or a soft cloth to apply lubricants in a circular motion. Always remember to completely clean the area where you will apply the lubricant.

Following these maintenance tips will not only keep the miter saw in the best condition but will also extend its life. If it will work at its best, you will find the woodworking projects easier and quicker.

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