The Differences Between Impact, Hammer, Drill drivers & Power Screwdrivers

Impact driver, hammer drill, drill drivers and power screwdrivers - you may have it all, if you're into the construction business.

Most carpenters, electricians, and plumbers have it, and if you are looking to set a few things right around your home, you may want it too. Keeping these tools in your home can help to complete some small work easily.

​However, while a carpenter might know the difference between them all, you would not.

If you're going to work around with these tools, and fix everything from the furniture to the tap, you would need to know how these tools differ - and this articles talks just about that!​

Each machine and tool are packed with different feature and utility. You decide what you need depending on the nature of your work.

How To Choose the Right Power Tool For You?

You have a good many companies manufacturing and providing drivers and drills for professional workers. Some are drivers and drills kept at home and used to complete small work.

Apart from this, there are huge drivers and drills available which are used by professional workers like electrician, carpenters, and plumbers, to complete the huge and bulk work.

Let’s talk about the difference between these machines and understand how they are different from each other.​

Impact Driver:

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are just what you need if you want power – they can work on the hardest of surfaces easily, and help you loosen our frozen nuts and bolts in no time.

Additionally, if you go in for the cordless version, you will not have to worry about any messy wires.

​You don’t also have to worry about overheating problems with the right cordless impact driver though power can remain an issue. It’s best to go for a cordless one in areas where you need portability as a result – like those nooks and corners in or outside your home.

How Do You Use It?​

Impact drivers are basically used to loosen or tighten the screws, or we can say nuts or bolts. It has a strong rotational force which helps in making the screws, loose or tight. The impact driver is used wherever you need to play with the screws.

Long screws can be driven easily, as impact drivers generate high torque. In comparison with standard drill and drivers, impact drivers are packed with an overwhelming feature of enormous torque. This means, you can easily drive the big screw with a small driver.

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The Pros

  • Helps to power the screw even on the dense material as it has hard blow and torque.
  • It helps in preventing the wrist strain.
  • Long screws can be easily loosened or tightened.
  • Easy to make the fits in tight spaces where space is less.

The Cons

  • Bit costly than a normal drill
  • Noisy
  • Only hex-shank drivers are used
  • Too much of beast for more accurate and delicate jobs.

Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill_

Hammer drills are designed for drilling into stone, brick, concrete or mortar. This tool is used by masonry.

Hammer drills are also known as rotary hammer or hammering drill or roto-drill.

Hammer drill renders quicker drilling in forward and backward drill moment with less effort. There are hammer drill as well as a rotary hammer.

The hammer drills are designed in such a way that it not only spins the drill but also helps to punch it in and out.

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The Pros

  • Multiple speed settings
  • Best for masonry drilling
  • Drill chuck can accept the wide style and sizes

The Cons

  • Not versatile in comparison with drill driver or combi drill
  • Large and heavy
  • Can’t be used easily in tight spaces.

Drill Drivers:


​Drill drivers are cheaper but not strong as compared to combi drill.

Drill drivers are basically used to drill into wood or metal and also work great as a screwdriver.

Additionally, drill drivers are not meant to do masonry drilling.

In comparison with combi drill, drill drivers come up with fewer features and settings. Drill drivers are available in both cordless and corded.

Cordless drill drivers need to be charged, and they can perform in huge work where as corded drill driver works with electricity and can perform huge work easily.

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The Pros

  • Works great on the jobs that require care or precision
  • Works as both drill and screwdriver
  • Cheaper as compared to combi drill
  • Can be used to drill in wood or metal
  • Constant torque is applied
  • Different type of screws and drill bits are accepted
  • Brushes of the wire wheel, rotary sanders, etc. are the accessories which are accepted.
  • The slip clutch helps in adjusting the torque.

The Cons

  • Can stall when driving long, large fasteners
  • Not recommended for drilling masonry
  • Has the potential to strip the screws
  • User can get strain while using it
  • Bits can come loose in the chuck.

Power Screwdriver:

Power Screwdriver_Playdrills

Everyone has mostly used a manual screw driver to turn the screw which becomes difficult when it comes to tightening the screw.

Power screwdrivers make your work easy to loosen or tighten the screw.

There are large ranges of power screwdrivers which are available in market at pocket-friendly rates.

There are electric as well as cordless power screwdrivers. Both the type of screwdrivers comes up with pros and cons.​

​With electric power screwdriver one can easily manage huge and bulk work as it works directly when it is connected with electricity where as cordless screwdrivers are not meant to do bulk work as it needs charging.

Cordless power screwdrivers are easy to use and can be shifted to one place to another easily while with an electric screwdriver it becomes tedious to move from one place to another as it works where there is electric supply.

The Pros

  • Reduces the strain on hands
  • Easily can loosen or tighten the screws
  • Efficient while tightening the screws
  • Complete bulk work at ease

The Cons

  • Requires electricity or needs to be charged
  • Bit heavy for your liking

Finding The Right Fit for You

Impact driver, Hammer drill, Drill drivers and Power Screwdrivers, all the machinery have its own importance. Depending on one’s requirement and utility one can use these machines.​

Some machines are used for completing heavy based work where as some are just used for completing precise and accurate work. Some machines are used when you've more space, compared to others that are designed for smaller spaces.

We can’t say that one particular machine is good and other is bad. We can only say that all the machines are good it is just each machine is packed with their own pros and cons. So depending on your work and quality of your work, you can choose the best machine. All the tools are handy and easy to use with different features.​

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Last Updated on July 25, 2021