6 Essential Woodworking Tools For Beginners

Last Updated on March 8, 2021

The best part of the woodwork as a hobby or job is the tools that are used to create these magical creations.

A woodworker is always on the lookout for the next new tool for their shop and this article have the top six essential tools for beginners.

Where to Start?

Are you are just thinking of starting up or you have only recently started woodwork, and you need to figure out what to get? Or maybe you just do not have excess funds to go out and buy everything that is related to woodwork, but you need to get your money’s worth.

As a startup, you are not likely to need a big industrial planer or a domino joiner, you just need what is necessary. Tools such as the miter saw is a necessity in your workshop, as such, it is important to plan on having this tool as well as other more significant tools that you need to prepare for. You can always add the smaller tools, though there isn’t much detail on those because you can buy them as needed.

If all these sound right, then you are in the right place. This list is that of the main tools you are going to need.

Woodworking Tools For Beginners

  1. Miter Saw

A miter saw allows for precise cutting of pieces of wood and such a tool is what you need for almost all of your projects.  It is the second most important piece of equipment after the drill. Though there are several ways to cut a board, the miter saw is the most efficient, simplest, and safest way to accomplish this. It is a vital tool and a must-have for your shop.

  1. Cordless Drill

The best cordless drill is another must have; and if you don’t already own it, then you should get one or two. You might need two for times when you will be switching back and forth between drilling something and driving a screw. This might be difficult to achieve with only one drill, and having two drills can increase your productivity. However, it is advisable to start with one because of cost as drills can range from about $100 to over $200.

But it’s recommended to buy a cheaper one at this point because the quality does not really suffer very much. They are very much all the same provided it has a lithium-ion battery you are good to go.

  1. Kreg Tools

Kreg Tools are used to make jigs, clamps, and many other woodworking tools. The primary tool that is needed is a pocket hole jig.  There are differences in style, but they all use the same concept. It drills holes at the end of a board at an angle and then screws it to another board. Though simple to use, the things that you can do with that joint are almost unlimited.

The necessary jigs are affordable, but they can sometimes be expensive if you get a high-end one (which you will hopefully not regret).

  1. Orbital Sander

After building a woodwork project, it is almost always necessary to sand it. Though this is mostly done by hand with a sheet of sandpaper and a block, most times a powered sander is much more efficient for achieving it. The random orbital sander makes this task quick and easy because it is easy to maneuver around all the edges and corners. These sanders are also relatively cheap and should be purchased along with some sanding pads of 150 and 220 grit minimum.

  1. Circular Saw

Circular saws are versatile tools that are both portable and simple to use. Unless you have a table saw or a track saw, then you need a circular saw for cutting large sheets of plywood.  Circular saws are also handy because sometimes it is too much trouble to get set up with the table saw and even for times when only the circular saw can fit into space, or when you need to cut something after a piece is already being built. They generally do not cost a lot, and there are many choices for which one can choose to buy from.

  1. Table Saw

Table saws are a staple in an established woodwork shop. However, it is last in this list because it is better to get the other tools before investing in a table saw. This is first because you can carry out a lot of projects by ripping sheets down with just a circular saw or using Kreg’s that can make a jig for the circular saw so that you can have straight rip cuts.

The second reason is that it costs a lot of money to buy one, so, you need to ensure that woodworking is something that you really want to keep on doing before you invest that much money on it. Therefore, if you plan on continuing with this, then, by all means, get yourself a hybrid table saw and get woodworking because there are simply some techniques that only a table saw can really do for you.

Bonus: Track Saw

The table saw is a caveat to the table saw. You can get a track saw instead and then set it up to function similarly to a table saw. A track saw is simply a circular saw fixed onto a track. This track is then clamped down onto the sheet of plywood. The tool makes the work of breaking down 4×8 sheets easy and quick, it can also do rip cuts as well.

What to Do Next?

It’s quite simple, Start building stuff!

If you have successfully made your way through this list and are you are excited about continuing, then check out our beginner woodworking projects roundup list. It will get you on your way to making some new exciting things.

Bottom Line

The journey into woodworking only gets more and more advanced as you go further, and this will obviously require you to buy more tools. The needs of your woodwork shop will vary based on what you are making.  Though what you have might be doing the job well, you might still need a few other stuff.

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