Dewalt DWS709 Vs DWS779 Vs DWS780 – Miter Saw Comparison

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

DEWALT has been one of the biggest and reliable brands for around a hundred years now. We have seen most of the contractors working with their yellow shaded tools.

You are on this page because you have already decided to purchase a tool made by DEWALT. But, you must be confused between three similar looking compound sliding miter saws DWS 709, DWS779 and DWS780 and thinking which one should you buy?

No worries, we will talk about the saws, compare them, and after that, we are sure that you will be able to choose the right option.

All the three saws – DWS709, 779 and 780 has the same blade diameter of 12 inches offering rpm of 3, 800. All of them has miter dent plates made of stainless steel.

A warranty period of three years is also the same on all models. But, there are considerable differences. That’s why we are presenting a comparison review that will help you to decide which meter saw suits your requirements.

Difference Between Dewalt DWS709 Vs Dewalt DWS779 Vs Dewalt DWS780

NameDewalt DWS709Dewalt DWS779Dewalt DWS780
StyleMilter sawMilter sawMilter saw
Dimensions30.8 x 22.8 x 19.5 inches2 x 23 x 18.5 inches21.5 x 17.7 x 17.1 inches
RPM3,800 rpm motor3,800 rpm motor3,800 rpm motor
Weight51 pounds67 pounds56 pounds
Power Sourceacac/dccorded-electric
Voltage120 volts-120 volts
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Warranty3 year limited warranty3 year limited warranty3 year limited warranty


You need a powerful miter saw for tough materials and the three DEWALT models can just do that. As we told you earlier that all of them has the same 15-amp motor working at 3800 rpm, that can generate enough power to go through any wood type easily.

Therefore, with any of these, you will spend less time on angled cuts, which will save a lot of time and effort. Any of the models are perfect for either professionals or DIY woodworkers.

Difference. None

Accuracy and Cutting capacity

A miter saw is worthless if it cannot deliver accuracy on cutting materials. The brand must be proud that all three miter saws as DWS709, 779, and 780 perform in an excellent way in this department and eliminates any accuracy troubles.

There is a large red colored miter point in all the models that help you to read and locate miter angles for better accuracy. Let us talk about the details now.

DWS709 is a double bevel sliding compound miter saw with 50 degrees’ miter adjustment on the left and 60 degrees to the right. It is a double bevel saw means, it is supposed to cut at a bevel angle on both the sides.

It does that appropriately and can bevel up to 49 degrees to the left or right. At 90 degrees, its capacity is up to 9-1/2” and at 45 degrees, it is up to 6-5/8”. With DWS709, you can use 13-positive stops to adjust the miter saw to maintain accuracy.

The details look good, but what makes the difference is its sliding fence, which is unique as there are some little holes in it so that you can add as much as the height you need while cutting.

DWS779 is again capable of accurate cuts, if you use its 10-positive stops, but it also features a cam lock to secure the cutting angle. It deploys a cutline blade positioning mechanism which offers an adjustment-free cutting line indicator to maintain accuracy.

At 90 degrees, it has a cutting capacity of 2×16” while at 45 degrees it can cut up to 2×12”. Miter range is 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. Beveling is available 47 degrees on both the sides, either left or right.

Same goes with DWS780 as it also has 10 stops and a cam lock for accurate cuttings. This saw is very versatile as you can cut a 48-degree bevel on both directions, left or right.

Miters are top notch as well and allow you to cut 50 degrees on the left and 60 degrees to the right. Designed to work on large projects, it makes horizontal cuts up to 13-3/4 inches. 780 has a really helpful XPS system that shines LED light along the length of the blade to cast its shadows on the cutting material.

It works better than any other LED positioning system as you can even see the blade’s teeth in the shadow. For extremely accurate cuts, you just have to align pencil mark with the blade shadow. This is a a great feature that may not work as good in the sunshine as it works indoors.

All the three miter saws are dual bevel that allows you to choose the orientation by flipping the material end to end or upside down. Using this feature, you can minimize any cutting errors.

Difference: DWS709 only has 13-positive stops while the other two has 10 positive stops combined with a cam lock. 780 also has an XPS system for extreme accuracy.


DWS709 and 779 offer everything you need in a miter saw including precision, accuracy, and power. If you are a professional woodworker who needs extreme precision, spending some extra bucks on DWS780 will be a better choice. It has the ability to provide better cuts at deeper angles. In addition, it also has the XPS that we discussed earlier.

Difference: DWS780 excels in terms of versatility and precision in comparison to 709 or 779. That does not mean that the last two models lack anywhere. 780 just performs better because of deep cutting angles and an included blade shadow system.

Weight and portability

With all the power, solid build and sliding mechanism, you must be expecting that the miter saws must be heavy, right? Well, you are right to an extent because DWS779 is heavy at 67 pounds and you have to deal with this as it may create problems, especially if you are a mobile craftsman and looking to transport the tool frequently.

On the other hand, DWS709 comes in a compact design that contributes to its low weight. It is just over 50 pounds, which means it is as lightest as it can be, considering the fact that this is a sliding compound miter saw. So, you can transport it without facing much trouble and you will be able to keep all the energy for wood works.

We can say the same about DWS780, as it is again one of the lightest meter saws you can find. With a weight of 56 pounds, you can easily shift your workstation wherever you want.

Apart from the weight differences, all the miter saws have a solid aluminum base with high ribbing that provides strength and rigidity. The steel plates are also padded to avoid wear and tear.

Difference: DWS779 is the heaviest of all while the others are portable with some required effort.

Dust collection

All the models have dust collection capabilities. The dust bag of DWS709 cannot be stated as good, you should use an external vacuum for better performance. We will say the same about DWS779 that comes with a dust bag, which is far from impressive. If dust collection is one of the deciding factors for you, simply skip this unit.

Let us talk about the winner in this department, DWS780 that is not going to struggle with dust collection. In fact, DEWALT guarantees that the dust bag will collect more than 75 percent of the particles. The bag is even easy to set up – you just have to mount it properly. Just read the manual to follow the right process though.

Difference: DWS780 excels in dust collections, DWS709 struggles and DWS779 fails in the same.


If you are going to make a purchasing decision based on cost, then at under $360, DWS779 has the lowest price in the group. It uses the same motor that comes with DWS780. You can consider it as an incentive without paying the extra $145. DWS 780 has a price tag under $500 while DWS709 is available at under $400.

Let us take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of these compound miter saws before we move further.



  • Cost-effective
  • Precise and accurate


  • Given the fact that it has a massive 15 motor, the miter saw works quietly
  • Saw remains stable all the time whatever weight you put on it as it has a solid base
  • Precise and accurate cutting
  • Best features at a low price


  • The miter saw works quietly like 779, even after a powerful 15-amp motor
  • XPS position system



  • Poor dust collection
  • Not as smooth as it should be


  • A tendency to kick on startup
  • Dust collector comes with rubber funnel that may collapse and block the dust pipe if not checked regularly


One of the biggest downsides of 780 is its low-quality slides that are rough and creates noise while using. It also sticks sometimes while you try to slide.

In the box

DWS709 and DWS779 come with blade wrench and dust bag included in the purchase box. DWS780 comes with a material clamp and has also the dust bag included.


As stated already, all the cutting equipment comes with a three-year warranty and one year of free service. Moreover, all the models also have 90 days’ money back guarantee.

Difference: None

User reviews

We had conversations with several users already making use of these models and all of them talked about the greatness and efficiency about the miter saws.

Whether it is smooth cutting, building wooden materials like furniture or bookshelves, they got the best cutting experience. Especially from DWS779, which gives incomparable service at a low cost. Most of the users complained about the dust collection of 709 and 779, which is acceptable.

Which one should you buy?

Now you know the similarities and differences between the three double bevel sliding compound miter saws. So, the same question again, which one should you choose?

To answer the question, ask three more questions to yourself. It may sound confusing that we are telling you to ask questions instead of suggesting the right model. But, once you will have the answers you will be clear in making a choice after reading this section. So, the questions are.

  1. Are you a beginner or an expert in woodworks?
  2. What kind of projects will you handle? Professional and heavy projects or small household ones
  3. Do you want advanced features in the saw?

For smaller projects, portability and easy storage or shift, you can opt for DWS709. It is comparatively cost effective as well. The only problem is with its dust collection, but if you are only working on small or medium projects, this is not such a big problem to avoid a machine that can make any cutting job easy. However, it will not be able to work on a heavy project as it has less cutting abilities.

Let us move on to DWS779, which is a machine that can handle medium and even slightly heavy projects. So, you will not complain at all. Ultimately, its cost is one of the key factors. It has the lowest price in this lot. Amateur or professional, both can use this model as it is easy to use with simple instructions to follow.

DEWALT780 is a similar product, but the XPS system makes the difference that also only indoors because you will not be able to see the blade’s shadow if you are working in an open area with sunlight. Plus, it is expensive.

If you will only take big commercial projects and really want to include the LED function in your working culture for extreme precision than yes, you can spend the amount and you will not regret. If you are on a tight budget or will be working outdoors all the time, then DWS779 will be better.

Best value for money

If you are only up to commercial projects than DWS780 is the best pick for you, you can simply ignore the price in that case. It can take any workload and will not disappoint you anytime whether it is accuracy or precision.

It has the advanced XPS feature as well to help you with making intricate cuts. However, you are a beginner or a woodworker looking to handle some small, medium or kind of big projects as well, DWS779 is the player you should bet for.

What’s more? You will be paying approx. $145 less that also for the same features minus blade shadows.

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