DeWalt DW734 vs DW735 vs DW735X – Thickness Planer Comparison

Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Even cuts and smooth finish, this is what you expect from a wood planer. Whether you are up to a one-time project or professional usage, it is essential to get a planer that meets your requirements.

No brand can make better wood planers than DeWalt. If you want to purchase a perfect wood planar, you must look for something manufactured by them. DeWalt has an efficient and lightweight lineup of wood planers comprising three models – DW734, DW735, DW735X.

You cannot find the differences just by looking on them while reading reviews for different products will be time-consuming. So, we are comparing the features of all three models on this page, so that you can make the right investment.

Dimensions24 x 17 x 21 inches24 x 22 x 19 inches24 x 22 x 18 inches
RPM20,000 RPM Motor20,000 RPM motor20,000 RPM motor
Weight80 pounds90 pounds 105 pounds

Build quality

DeWalt is a reliable name in the world of power tools. All wood planers that we are comparing in this page are long-lasting and built to handle a wide range of tasks. Whether it is DW734, 735 or the latest 735X, all are capable of providing you exceptional woodworking experience, if you will handle them according to the given instructions.

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Motor and RPM

Power under the hood, revolutions per minute and cuts per inch, all features are overlapping for the three models. DW734, 735 and 735X, all have a 15-amp motor delivering 10, 000 RPM and can do 96 CPI.

One of the most significant upgrades in 735 and 735X is the inclusion of dual-speed gearbox that adds another option of 179 cuts per square inch for a beautiful finish. To change the cutting speed, you have to move the lever, as easy as it sounds.

Quick comparison: Motor, RPM, and CPI are same for all the three models, but 735 and 735X have an additional feature of 179 CPI.

Blade Size

One of the differences between DeWalt DW734 and the other two models is their blade size. 734 has a 12.5-inch knife while 735 and 735X uses 13-inch knives. A half inch length difference may look negligible, but if you see from the perspective of surface flattening and cut depth quality, it becomes crucial.

DeWalt 734 and 735X, both have a triple-knife mechanism that not only provides a neat and smooth finish but also has an extended life up to 30 percent. You can reverse the blades for more extended use, no need to dispose of them. 735X also comes with an extra set of modules that is convenient for regular users. It is easy to replace the blades as you have to match the pins on the cutter head with those on the knife.

Quick comparison: DW734 has a blade size of 12.5 inches while 735 and 735X have 13 inches.

Carriage lock mechanism

Another difference that we can mention is the carriage lock mechanism of the wood planers. If you are a professional, then you must know that keeping the board locked against the base table is one of the annoying tasks while using a wood planer. DW734 adds to the irritation as it comes with a four column manual carriage lock. Manual locks need you to turn the lever through few revolutions to lock the board. It may be irritating for few, but maybe not a big deal for some. Depends upon the choice.

An automatic carriage is comparatively better as it will not require your engagement at all. Luckily, the other two models 735 and 735X comes with the same. Automatic locking mechanism digitally measures the height of the material while you pass it into the machine and locks it down.

Quick comparison: DW734 has a manual carriage lock, but 735 and 735X has an automatic locking system.

Weight and portability

Then there is the weight factor which is always to look for if you have to change the workplace or even store the planer after you are done with the work. DW734 weights 80 pounds while 735 and 735X, both are 92 of pounds. As you can see that the last two models are 12 pounds heavy and will be difficult to move. 734 is the lightest model among the three, but still, it is not bright enough for you to carry the tool up and down the stairs. We have not seen woodworker or contractor doing so, but it is light enough to move from one site to another.

Weight plays a vital role in keeping the tool stable. Be it any model. We recommend you place the wood planar using their mounting hole on all the four corners for complete stability.

Quick comparison: DW734 weights 80 pounds, but 735 and 735X are at 92 pounds.

Infeed and Outfeed Tables

DW734 comes with an adjustable infeed and outfeed table measuring 16-3/4” lengthwise. At this length, you will get added 33-1/2” support to pass long wood pieces under its blades, which looks sufficient.

In this section, DW735 seems to underperform as it does not include any attachable tables. Means, you have to purchase them separately. Even if don’t its 19-3/4” base offers more than enough room as compared to competitive wood planers that have a base of 10”.

Coming to DW735X, that looks more appealing than the previously mentioned planers as it has 13” long infeed and outfeed tables. So, you will get an additional 36” of support to the 19-3/4” long base while feeding longboard to the knives. This is the reason why 375X is recommended for woodworkers and professionals.

Quick comparison: No infeed and outfeed table for DW735, but 734 and 735X comes with 16-3/4” and 13” tables respectively.

Dust management

DW734 planer includes a dust hood that you can connect with the shop vacuum or standing dust collector for efficient debris collection. Holding dust collector is sold separately.

Debris management is significantly improved in 735 and 735X as both the models have Fan-Assisted Chip Ejection System. The system comprises a motorized fan that breaks the wood debris into small pieces and throws it out to one of the dust shrouds. There are two dust shrouds – one for a vacuum or dust collector hose and another to collect and disperse the particles on the floor.

Quick comparison: DW734 has a regular dust output while its counterparts 735 and 735X has improved fan assisted dust ejection.

Warranty and support

DEWALT gives three-year limited warranty, one-year free service and ninety days’ money back guarantee on all the wood planers.

Quick comparison: NA



  • One of the convenient wood planer to use
  • Work on any wood without any trouble


  • Sharp cutting blades give you a sleek and smooth finish
  • Creates no snipe at all


  • Zero snipe
  • Easy to use
  • Stable, durable and rugged design



  • Comparatively less blade width


  • Blades tend to wear out in a short period if used regularly and are costly to replace


  • We had conversations with several users making use of 735X, and we are yet to receive any complaints. DeWalt worked hard on the latest offering.


Before we should give you suggestions about which wood planer from the three models you should buy, we thought to test their blades. The test was mainly for power and accuracy. The paramount concern is accuracy because if the wood is not coming out flat, what is the motive of using a planar anyway. So, we picked up several pieces of hardwood including oak, ash, and mahogany. And had an extended session with all the three planers one by one.
We were expecting 734 to cause some pain with its manual board locking, but it was easy. It may be easy for you as well, depends upon your practice and expertise.

With plenty of power and three blade cutters moving at 10, 000 RPM, DW735 worked remarkably well, plane each hardwood without any delay, even at faster-dimensioning speed. At the lower rate, the wood was smooth enough to skip sanding. 735X is the fastest among the three, and its dust collections worked well, without any snipping.
Overall, we were satisfied with the performances. None of the planers raised any concerns while using them.

User reviews

We also gathered information from several users that are already making use of the DeWalt wood planers mentioned on this page.

Most of the users are happy about the durability of DW734 and how fast it works under pressure. If you have plenty of materials to cut within a short period, then many wood planers tend to struggle, but not this one. Some users mentioned the loudness of this machine while it is cutting. They recommend it to use outside instead of indoors so that the sound does not echo. Despite the music, they state that it is a great product and gives the best value for money.

Users say that DW735 is easy to use and anyone can follow the instructions. As we explained earlier, it is perfect in accuracy and smoothness. We received similar reviews from other users as well – a genuine workhorse that can be an ideal addition in the workshop.

DW735X also performs well and users like its durability. It can easily cut thick materials and provides worth of every cent spent on it. Individuals who work on great elements, the extra tables helped them a lot. They also explain that changing the knives can be very difficult without reading the instructions. Improper fitting of blades may even end the life of this machine. But, this is an isolate disadvantage we received. Most of the users have positive reviews about the model. The comparatively higher price was an issue for them, but they state that if you do not have any budget constraint, you should buy 735X, especially if you are a professional woodworker.

Which one should you buy?

If it is DeWalt, no matter what model you choose, you will be satisfied with the machine’s performance. It is all about the requirements and what kind of projects you are up to.

If you are looking for a reliable planer for small wood materials, DW734 is the ideal choice. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, it definitely will work well for you.

DW735 is a notch above if you are not planning to work on long wood boards as it offers quality cuts, improved dust ejection, better knife size, and automatic board lock. But, you cannot use it as an industrial machine. Carpenters and DIYers are more than welcome to try.

If you are a professional working on wood projects all day long, then you cannot go wrong with DW735X. It has all the features that can take you to be one of the top demanded woodworkers.

Best value for money

Now we know all the features about the three DeWalt wood planers under our radar – DW734, 735 and 735X. We can say that DW735X is better and superior in every regard. It has longer knives for cleaner cuts, an extra set of knives once the original becomes ineffective, more extended infeed and outfeed tables for better support and automatic board lock. We agree that it is heavier than 734, but it only adds to its stability plus it has the features that can overcome its only disadvantage – weight.

Choosing DW735 will not be beneficial as you will have to purchase separately in feed tables for the machine. If you are pretty sure, which you can’t be, that you will not be getting any long length materials in any of your projects, then try 735 especially, if you are a beginner or a weekend woodworker.
You can always opt for DW734 either for household works or workshop if you are happy to use the manual locking mechanism and lower width knives. You will be paying $100 less for this machine so that it will be cost effective as well.

We hope that the debate on three models is kaput and you are clear about what you want. Everything depends upon the requirements, so think what you need then act accordingly.

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