Dewalt DCF899 Impact Wrench (Review & Comparison)

Last Updated on July 3, 2021

When it comes to Impact wrench- Dewalt is a trusted name for the cordless power tools.

In this article, we are going to compare one of their high torque impact wrench DEWALT DCF899 20V MAX XR Brushless series.

Some of the models in this series are currently dominating the market with the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Let’s check this DEWALT DCF899 Review below:

What is a Dewalt DCF899 Impact Wrench?

The Dewalt DCF899 Impact wrench is yet another dynamic product. The DeWalt company is a company dedicated to making accessories and building equipment.

Before now, the only drills available were the cord drills; yes they are efficient, but one cannot ignore the high possibility of a deadly accident. This possibility is one of the reasons; we have cordless drills today.

The Dewalt DCF899 impact wrench is one of the best and useful cordless drills on the market. The Dewalt DCF899 Impact wrench, as I said before, is a cordless drill, with high stability and endurance level. It has a firm grip, ensuring the users hit their target well.

This cordless drill comes in various specs, (we call them series) with the last better than the first. Let me run you through some of our top cordless drills.

The DCF899 20V MAX XR Series Impact Wrenches Reviews (Best Selling Models) below

Difference Between Dewalt DCF899P1 vs DCF899P2 vs DCF899M1

StyleCordless Impact wrenchCordless Impact wrenchCordless Impact wrench
AnvilDetent AnvilDetent AnvilDentent Pin Anvil
Dimensions17.1 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches17.1 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches 17 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches
Battery(1) DCB205 - 5.0 Ah(1) Lithium ion (5.0 Ah)(1) 20V XR Lith Ion battery
RPM(0-400/ 1,200/ 1,900 RPM)(0-400/1,200/1,900 RPM)
Torque700 ft./lbs (max breakaway torque at 1200 ft./lbs)700 ft. /lbs.700 in-lb
Weight11 pounds6.4 pounds7.2 pounds
Voltage20 volts 20 volts 20 volts
Attachments Included (1) DCF889 - 20v Max XR Brushless High Toque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Dentent Pin Anvil - Tool

(1) DCB205 - 5.0 Ah battery

(1) Multi voltage charger

1) DCF899 Impact Wrench
2) DCB205 5. 0ah Batteries
1) Multi-voltage charger
1. Tool bag (1)
2. DCF899 20v MAX* XR Brushless High Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Dentent Pin Anvil (1)
3. Fast Charger (1),
4. 20V XR Lith Ion battery (4.0 Ah) (1)
Warranty3 Year Limited3 Year Limited3 Year Limited

The Dewalt DCF899HB vs DCF899B Comparison

Dewalt DCF899HBDEWALT DCF899B 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Wrench
StyleImpact wrenchImpact wrench
Anvil ringDetent AnvilHog Ring Anvil
Dimensions9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches
Weight6.4 pounds6.6 pounds
Battery1 Nonstandard Battery1 Nonstandard Battery
Battery and ChargerSold separatelySold separately
Speed selector33
Torque150, 400, and 900 (for tightening), and 200, 440, and 1,025 (for breaking bolts).Max 700 ft./lbs, For Breakaway 1,200 ft./lbs.
LED work lightYesYes
Voltage20 volts 20 volts
Warranty3 Year Limited3 Year Limited


1. Dewalt DCF899P1 20V Brushless Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil (Review)

DEWALT DCF899P1 Review

The DCF899P1 is another robust and reliable product of the DeWalt company. It is made with as a brushless wrench, with a high torque of 1/2 impact.

The detent anvil of this tool is 5.0ah, which supports the brush, to provide the device with the superior runtime, overall performance, and durability it needs and has. It has a high torque breakaway of about 1000 ft./lbs, and a max torque of 700 ft./lbs.

This feature makes the DCF899P1 a useful tool, with a demanding application of force and skill. This tool also comes with a 3-speed control, which regulates the drill speed of the device. The LED light with a 20 delay, improves visibility in low light conditions.

The buildup of this tool is durable, able to withstand a fall from 6-8 ft in height.

There is a battery fuel gauge on this tool, which indicates when the device needs charging or change of battery. It also shows the level of the battery, so that workers can be cautious and know then to charge the tool. There is also a detent pin that provides the machine with strong socket retention.

The strong socket retention avoids the dropping of the sockets during construction. This situation can be uncomfortable for all workers.

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2. Dewalt DCF899P2 Brushless Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil (Review)

Dewalt DCF899P2 Review

There is always a need to upgrade a tool, not because the other model is bad or inefficient, manufacturers try to help users, by making their work easy, thus the upgrade.

The DCF899P2 is also a brushless wrench, with the high torque level of about 1/2 impact. This series of the Dewalt wrench one of the most versatile (if not the most versatile) of the entire wrench series. The DCF899P2 is best, for fastening most of the construction and household applications. The tool is not only durable but has a superior runtime and an overall good performance; this performance is all thanks to the detent anvil of 5.0ah.

The tool comes with strong torque, with a max of 700 fts./lbs and a max breakaway of 1000 fts./lbs. This specs in torque, account for it demanding nature, for applications.

The 20 delay LED light to provide light in the dark, well dimly lit place. Say where you work is not correctly lightly, you needn’t worry about the view, because the LED light on the tool got you covered.

This lightweight, yet durable tool can withstand fall from 6-8 fts. The anvil is also resistant to shearing and breaking.

With a battery fuel gauge that, indicates the battery level of the tool, users can prepare for any contingencies that may arise as a result of low battery

This series of the Dewalt wrenches comes as an entire kit and need not be bought or sold separately.


3. Dewalt DCF899HB Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil (Review)

Dewalt DCF899HB Review

This particular series is the one of the rare series with a hog rings anvil. Unlike other anvils, the hog ring anvil, is also a detent anvil, with a little bit of class. The detent anvil in the Dewalt DCF899HB is also necessary because it provides the runtime, durability and overall performance of the tool, the hog ring feature offers that extra layer of strength.

And in any case that I may forget, the DCF899HB is a brushless wrench, with top notch torque system. This top-notch torque system is what makes the DCF899HB a tool with the demanding application.

The torque system makes this tool a heavy-duty mechanism, with a max torque of 700 fts./lbs and the max breakaway torque of 1000 fts./lbs.

The 3-speed control panel helps the user to regulate the speed of the wrench, to produce a maximum and productive output.

The body buildup of this tool makes it a sight to behold; not only is it beautiful, regarding aesthetics, it can also survive a fall of 6-8 fts, without shearing or breaking the anvil

Like all the other great tools of the DeWalt company, the DCF899HB has a LED light with a 20 seconds delay mechanism, perfect for when workers are working in a dim or a not so lighted room.

The hog ring in the DCF899HB makes all the difference; its purpose is to make the socket swapping, more comfortable and quicker.

As a barstool tool, all the accessories come differently; that is the battery and the charger.


4. Dewalt DCF899B Impact Wrench with Detent Anvil (Review)

Dewalt DCF899B Review

The DeWalt DCF899B is a brushless wrench, with a high torque 1/2 impact. The provision of the detent anvil supports the brushless motor. The brushless motor’s primary design is to provide the wrench with a superior runtime, durability and the overall excellent performance of the wrench.

This series of the Dewalt cordless drill is a heavy-duty machine its primary place of usage should only be in construction sites, and only persons with the technical know-how can use it.

Yes, you can get it for home use, but users have to be careful the way they use the equipment. It is no doubt; the DCF899B has one of the best torque systems; it is the most challenging torque system, with a breakaway torque of about 1000 fts/lbs.

This tool comes with a 3-speed selector or regulator, for users to control speed, both in drills and the time for drilling. There is an LCD light on the tool that has a 20-second delay timer, perfect for when the area that has poor lighting.

This tool is also durable regarding buildup. Despite the fact that this tool is a lightweight tool, it can sustain a 6-8ft drop.

The anvil resistance on this tool is off the charts. It is resistant to both shearing and breaking. The accessories of this tool come separately; as a barstool item, a user gets the battery and chargers differently.


5. Dewalt DCF899M1  Impact Wrench with Dentent Pin Anvil (Review)

Dewalt DCF899M1 review

There isn’t much to talk about the DCF899M1 only that this tool has got to be one badass tool. All in all, this brushless wrench tool is equipped with a detent pin anvil of 4.0ah, (the perfect wrench for home use).

It comes with high torque, with 1/2 high impact speed. While the max torque of this wrench is the same as the others; 700 ft./lbs, The breakaway torque outmatches the other, by 200 extra points; thus a total of 1200 fts./lbs is the torque breakaway of this series.

For easy usage, the tool is lightweight, weighing just 7.2lbs and reaching lengths of 8-13/16. The DCF899M1 series has a 3-speed control panel, to control speed for a variety of application (whether it is of demanding form or not).

This tool is a heavy-duty tool that users can use in the dark, all thanks to the LED light, with a 20 seconds delay mechanism that lights up a dimly lighted room. This light also serves the user well in tight spaces.

Quite regrettably, the DCF899M1 is a barstool tool, which only means that purchasers will have to buy the drill or wrench, different from the charger or battery.

This tool does not only have a lovely coloring pattern, but it is also durable as it can withstand a fall from a height ranging from 6-8 fts.

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