DeWalt DCD777C2 (20V Max) Brushless Compact Drill Review

Last Updated on August 12, 2021

The DeWalt DCD777C2 is a 20 volt max L-ion compact driver and drill kit.

This driver and drill kit is very efficient and basically works to provides a lot of torque and speed.

This tool has been made to be handy and to sustain all kinds of drilling tasks. The DeWalt DCD777C2 is made from quality materials that are both durable and sturdy enough to carry out any given task.

This drill could be used for both residential and commercial drilling jobs. Another important feature of this product is the convenience it provides.

Looking for a drill that would serve you perfectly?

This might just be the one for you. We would be sharing important details of the DCD777C2 so that after reading this review, you can decide if this is the drilling tool you want or not.


Dewalt DCD777C2 Specs

StyleCordless Compact Drill Driver
Dimensions12.5 x 3.8 x 9.8 inches
Weight2.5 pounds
BatteryRequires 2 Li-ion Batteries
Speed selector2
Torque500 in-lb
LED work lightYes
Voltage20 Volts
Wattage200 Watts
Warranty3 Year Limited

The Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Lightweight and Compact Design that can fit into tight corners
  • A 20-volt lithium-ion battery capable of holding charges for a long period of time
  • Led Light which enhance visibility in dark areas
  • Three years limited product warranty
  • 340 units watts out (UWO) of power ability
  • No perfect DIY guide for first-timers.
  • Limited warranty period
  • Can’t be used for hammer drilling.

Top DeWalt DCD777C2 FAQs

Question: Is Dewalt dcd777c2 20v max L-ion a brushless compact drill driver?

Answer: The DeWalt dcd777c2 is available both as a brushless and brush motor when purchased. However, the brushless drill would always cost more because it is a premium design with more advantage. The drill driver, however, runs on only 110 volts.

Question: Is the brushless drill better than the regular DW drill?

Answer: Yes, it is. This is because it draws less power when running with light loaded tools or equipment. Also, there is 30% plus runtime with a brushless drill from the same amount of charges.  

It also reduces maintenance costs as there is no worn out brushes which would need to be replaced. Generally, when compared to the brushed regular drill, the brushless drill is more efficient, compact and powerful.

The only pro that the brushed drill possesses over the brushless drill is that it has a design which is simpler.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: There is no exact time measure for the battery time of the DeWalt DCD777C2. This is because the time depends on a load of work being done.

However, the battery 340 UWO power capacity is capable of storing charges for a long period of time. Estimated to be in weeks or even months.

Question: What is the weight of drill with a battery?

Answer: With the battery, the DCD777C2 drill is measured to be 3 lbs 4.9oz. or 1502 grams which are 1.5kg. The specification of the battery is about  11.5 ounces. With this, it is clear that the 2.6 specified weight of the product, is a measurement of the tool without the battery.

The interesting thing is that the drill comes with two batteries. While using one, the other one can be in charge. With this, you will never have to disturb yourself with worries in regards to power.

Question: Does the drill work on concrete?

Answer: Yes, it does. But this isn’t the reason the drill was created. It isn’t its purpose of work.

However, if you would still want to use the drill on concrete, let it be well known to you that there’s a huge possibility that the carbide would overheat and sabotage the drill bit.

While drilling on concrete, it is advisable that the concrete is porous enough and the required work to be done is a small hole. It should be small in diameter and depth.

The Basics

The 20V max battery-operated cordless DCD777C2 drill is a compact lightweight design which provides 340 unit watts out (UWO) power rating.

The power rating is highly effective and efficient with a high performance, especially when compared to a lot of other drills. The DCD777C2 drill is a lithium-ion compact brushless drill and driver.

It has a high transmission speed and a variety of speed settings which includes two-speed settings at a nil load speed of both 1750 Rpm and 0-50 Rpm. The drill also features an efficient single sleeve half inch ratcheting chuck and carbide insert.

This ratcheting chuck aids to provide a strong and tight grip when drilling. The lithium-ion batteries of this drill provide 75% more runtime for more drilling operations.

Key Features of DCD777C2

Powerful and Compact.

The DeWalt DCD777C2 drill has 340 UWO power ability and with that, it still has a compact and lightweight design. The item weighs 2.5 pounds with a measured product dimension of 12.5 x 3.8 x 9.8 inches.


This drill has a torque of 500 in-lb and it has two high transmission speeds which run at a zero load speed of both 1750 Rpm which is for maximum delivery speed and 0-50 Rpm for low delivery speed.


The ergonomic design of this drill is a 7.52 inches compact design and a 2.6lbs lightweight design that aids the drill to fit those areas that are tight and also provide it with a firm grip.

The main essence of the ergonomic is for comfort and convenience when using the drill. The drill also comes with a grip handle that is comfortable and also provides balance, security, and control.

Powerful and Fast-Charging Battery

The battery used in the DCD777C2 is a 20 Volt lithium-ion power pack and it charges quickly as well. The time frame taken for the battery to be fully charged is between thirty to sixty minutes.

Immediately, the battery is charged completely, the charging process automatically stops so as to avoid the loss of charges.

LED Light

The LED light of the DCD777C2 drill comes with a twenty-second trigger release delay. This release delay aids to enhance visibility in areas that are dark. It helps to further illuminate the areas where one is drilling or driving.


There are no stated maintenance instructions. But for everything you value, you must invest in its maintenance. Maintenance is important to expand and prolong the lifespan of the product.

The basic way you can maintain this product is by keeping it clean, packing it up neatly after use into its storage bag and placing it in a cool dry safe place. A place that is free from the reach of children who might most likely use it as a toy.


When you purchase the DCD777C2 drill, it comes with one larger, one DCD777C2 Compact Brushless Drill/Driver, and two Lithium-ion Batteries and kit bag for storage purposes. Every embedded accessory is durable, compact, and of premium quality.

Who is this Drill for?

This drill is for anyone who needs and is looking for a premium quality sturdy, durable and capable drill. This drill is a powerful tool and could serve as a tool for commercial purposes but the primary purpose of this tool is for residential purposes.

It is more ideal for personal use and may not serve heavy loaded duty tasks. It is perfect for light load jobs with small holes and comes with a handle for safe handling, convenience, and comfort when in use.

Things that Could Be Improved.

In as much as the DeWalt DCD777C2 has a lot of benefits with which it has received a variety of positive reviews and recommendations for, the tool has its own cons and there are other areas in which it could be improved because it is not a perfect product.

The battery could do better. In as much as the capacity is large compared to other products, there is still room for improvement in regards to its battery capacity especially because it runs on just battery.

Another area is its task area. Like answered in the FAQs segment, this drill is not designed for doing jobs like drills and driving on concrete.

How about the tool be made to effortlessly perform functions like that and another heavy load task, what a great joy that would be. The battery size and charging temperature are limited, it has the capability to be more. The LED light isn’t so bright.

It is not a powerful light and a lot of customers have made this complaint. There is a great need for the general improvement of the product because technology is advancing daily and since more sturdy and durable materials are being introduced, the quality of this product can be always upgraded.

Comparison with Other Drills

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD771C2

The  DCD777C2 and DCD771C2 are almost similar products. The only change in the model number is 1 which is replaced with 7 and vice versa.

 Dewalt DCD771C2Dewalt DCD777C2
Battery1 Lithium ion batteries2 Lithium ion batteries
Torque500 in-lb
Weight3.64 Pounds2.5 Pounds
Wattage300 watts200 watts
Price Check Price on on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
Warranty3 Year Limited3 Year Limited

They are both useful for jobs like plumbing and other areas of repairs because it is able to move through the tight area and work through round corners without losing grip.

They are both compact, lightweight, and are available both as brushless or brushed. They also have the ability to take in a variety of attachments.

However, the DCD777C2 is more powerful with a UWO of 340.

DeWalt DCD777C2 vs DCD780C2

Both tools are really similar. They are both 20V machines. They both have a lightweight design and are powerful, efficient and strong tools for drilling. However, more professionals prefer using the dcd780c2 to the dcd777c2.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD791B

The dcd791b is more expensive than the dcd777c2 but truthfully their features are similar except for that of unit watts out power ability for which the dcd791b performs better.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD791D2

The DCD791D2 is more expensive than the DCD777C2 drill. The features and performance of the  DCD791D2 are more advanced compared to that of the DCD777C2.

It has more runtime and the LED light of the DCD791D2 is integrated with three different modes of lightning, which includes a spotlight. However, the  DCD777C2 LED light doesn’t do much and is really dim.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCF885C1

The DeWalt dcf885c1 is better than the Dewalt dcd777c2. It has a better torque, good battery life and it’s very efficient.

The dcf885c1 is one of the DeWalt product that is most manageable for drilling or driving concrete. It is very convenient and comfortable to use as well.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs Makita XFD061

The Makita Xfd061 is made in such a way that hammer drilling and driving are possible but the DCD777C2 isn’t.

They are both compact and lightweight but the torque of Makita Xfd061 is greater and does more. In terms of prices, the DCD777C2 is more affordable.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs Milwaukee 2701-21P

Milwaukee 2701-21p features a hammer drill functionality which the dcd777c2 does not have. It costs higher and has a good control of high RPM’s.

Every work with the Milwaukee 2701-21p is convenient, solid and comfortable. The battery life of both the Milwaukee and dcd777c2 is good but the battery life of the Milwaukee 2701-21p is generally better.

Customer Reviews

A lot of verified customers have given remarkable testimonies about the product.

The quality is said to be a quality you can trust and is worth the price. Customers say that the drill is of great power, quality feel, compact, efficient and it is said to be one of the best cordless drills around.

On Amazon, this product has a 4+ avg rating. The ratings show that the average customer thoughts and views about the product are positive.

The thing a few customers complained about is the dim LED light. They felt like it almost had no use when triggered. Another exciting feature for the customers was the battery life and the fact that each purchase came with two batteries.

Final Thoughts

The DeWalt brand is one that is known for producing premium quality products. The DeWalt  dcd777c2 drill is not their first and won’t be their last.One thing is sure, there would always be improvements in their product.

Generally speaking, the DeWalt dcd777c2  is an effective, efficient, affordable and durable product.

Although it has a few cons, it is a good product as the pros do outweigh the cons and its benefits which include efficiency, convenience and comfort are endless.

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