Best DeWalt 20V Cordless Drill Reviews 2021

Last Updated on July 25, 2021

A drill driver set is one of the essential power tools for professionals or home DIY’er.

If you are looking for a powerful & durable cordless drill driver set or even combo;

DeWalt is a trusted name in the market.

In today’s guide, you’re going to find the 5 best DeWalt 20V cordless drills/hammer drills & reviews, that you can buy with confidence.

5 Best Dewalt 20V Cordless Drills 2021

We’ve spent countless hours to find the best Dewalt 20v drill set, considering the performance, durability, customer reviews & popularity and among the best selling tools;

We’ve considered these five cordless drills are the best drill/impact drivers/hammer drills/combo kits you can buy with confidence.

Let’s check out the five best Dewalt drill set!

Drill ModelTypsWeightPrices
DeWALT DCK240C2 (Drill Driver)Combo Kit8.7 lbs
DeWALT DCK280C2 (20v Drill)Combo Kit10.15 lbs
DeWALT DCD771C2 (20v Max)Compact Drill3.64 lbs
DeWALT DCK421D2 (20v 4-tool)Combo Kit16.8 lbs
DeWALT DCK299P2 (20v XR)Hammer Drill13.5 lbs

Dewalt Drill Set & Hammer Drill Reviews

Let’s analysis the Dewalt 20v cordless drill reviews and models specifications, key features, pros, cons and detailed info below:

1. DEWALT DCK240C2 20V (Cordless Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit)

DEWALT DCK240C2 20v cordless drill set

If you are looking for a combo kit, the DeWalt DCK240C2 is our best choice as the 20 volt cordless drill driver in the market

This one is a fantastic drill driver coming from Dewalt. It has a high performing motor.

With this combo kit, you get a powerful ability of 300 units watts. With this ability, you can have a whole lot of achievements.

Also has an ergonomic design that ensures it has a lightweight made in a compact and lightweight nature giving you the ability to fit it into tight areas.

It is a tool that offers one-handed loading. Also, it has a built-in LED with a 20 seconds delay after the trigger was released. Without shadows, it gives visibility.

Key Features

Speed: DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit offers a 2-speed level transmission. These speed levels are – 0-450 / 0-1500.

Design: Features a ratcheting chuck (single sleeve) which delivers a tight, one hand bit gripping strength. It is designed ergonomically to give ultimate comfort and control and made very lightweight and portable. With its compactness, it can fit into tight areas with no hassle. 5.55 inches front to back length and weight is 2.8 lbs.

Battery: Find with this Dewalt drill, 1.3 Ah Battery made with Lithium-ion.

Accessories: Find with this drill 2 Lithium-ion batteries with 20V, a 20V charger, contractor bag and impact driver.

DeWALT DCK240C2 combo kit


  •     Powerful impact driver.
  •     Long-lasting and quick to charge batteries.
  •     Lightweight and compact hence fit in tight areas.
  •     Three-year warranty.
  •    Two-speed levels.


  •     Ratcheting chuck comes unlocked sometimes.

2. DEWALT DCK280C2 20V Cordless Drill

DEWALT DCK280C2 20-Volt Cordless drill set

Just like the other Dewalt drills, this compact drill also promises a good battery. I am sure you agree with me that a bad battery could render useless.

However, this DEWALT DCK280C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion 1.5 Ah Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit offers you a 20 volt Lithium battery.

Still, it offers you 2-speed where you can pick the speed level you need for successful work.

Fit this into tight areas while working with no hassle. That is possible because this drill has made compact and light. It made for your comfort. With its 3 LED lights you can get more visibility.

Think quality, think this drill. It has been designed to withstand daily usage with wearing or tearing.


Speed: With this Dewalt two speed transmission, you get to pick the speed level you need for your work. It offers and 0-2,000 RPM 0-600 RPM speed. The impact driver features a robust motor that provides 2,800 RPM speed.

Design: It is designed to make you work comfortably. Impact driver accepts one-handed loading. Slim handle that fits into your hand. Ratcheting chuck allows high bit gripping strength. With this gripping strength, slippage eliminated. Designed light and compact hence fit into tight areas.

Battery: Features 20-volt lithium-ion batteries that give you up to thirty-five per cent more runtime. Supporting this battery is the energy rated charger that comes with the drill.

Accessories: Apart from the drill driver and impact driver, you will also get with the product a thirty-minute energy star rated charger, dual lithium-ion batteries, double belt hooks, a contractor bag and a bit tip holder.


  • Highly easy to use.
  • Has a contract bag for easy carriage.
  • Compact and light.
  • LED lights provide more visibility.
  • Features an energy star rated charger.


  •     Wobbles.

3. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V 20v Max Compact Drill/Driver kit

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless drill set

‘Ergonomic’ is that word that has been popping up in all the previously reviewed Dewalt drill set 20v.

Well, this Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Drill Driver Kit not left out.

Dewalt DCD771C2 20V is the best cordless drill under $100.

It designed with the user’s comfort in mind.

Compact and lightweight ensuring you can use your drill in that tight area.

Still, on being ergonomic, it has 2-speed levels.

It makes your tasks more manageable. Just select the speed most suitable for you. It also gives you a tight bit gripping strength. For the comfort and full control, this drill is not left out


Speed: 2-speed level transmission- 0-450 rpm and 1,500 rpm. Work with the speed that fits your work the most.

Design: Ergonomically designed. Has a handle that ensures comfort and good control of your drill. It also is very portable and lightweight. It makes it possible to fit into tight areas. It weighs 2.6 pounds. This drill is designed for durability.

Battery: Features 20-volt batteries that are lithium-ion made. Its motor delivers a power of 300 units watts. Long-lasting life and durable batteries.

Accessories: Buy this Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill Driver Kit and get two Lithium-Ion batteries, a charger, a contractor bag.


  •     The drill has 3-year warranty support.
  •     Ergonomic design.
  •     Very portable and light for easy mobility and storage.
  •     It fits into tight areas.
  •     Comes with a contract bag.


  •     Problems may arise with chuck later.

4. DEWALT DCK421D2 20V MAX 4-tool Combo KitDEWALT DCK421D2 20V cordless drill set

I know of a four-tool drill that is suitable for carpentry, plumbing and even masonry. That drill is the DEWALT DCK421D2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit, 2.0Ah. Just like the Delwat DCK240C2, this one also offers you 2-speed transmission.

An amazingly light and compact product that gives you the freedom to use it in tight areas.

You see, when you buy this drill, you get four tools.

But with its fast working drill/driver pairs and the ¼ inch impact driver that helps ease your tasks. It also comes with a circulars saw that cuts through objects with ease. Its 4th tool is a work light that has come to make your drilling life easy.


Speed: Work fast and smoothly with this Dewalt drill. The drill features a 2-speed transmission. These are 0-2,000 RPM and 0-600 RPM. Its circular saw features 460 MWO, 3,700 RPM motor that provides all the speed and power you need.

Design: With its ergonomic design, your drilling has just got comfortable. It is compact and lightweight yet strong. Allows you to fit it into tight areas for use. 1 handed loading impact driver.

Battery: What is a drill without good batteries? This product comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries. While the battery lasts long, it also comes with a free two-year service contract.

Accessories: Find alongside this comfort providing the drill with its other 3 counterparts- an impact driver, DCL040 work light and a circular saw. Also with these are 2 Lithium-ion batteries with 20V, 1 20V charger, plus a contract bag.


  •     3-years limited warranty support.
  •     LED bulb for more visibility.
  •     Lightweight and compact.


  • Don’t have belt hooks.

5. DEWALT DCK299P2  20v Max XR Hammer Drill (Combo Kit)

dewalt dck299p2 20v max xr

If you are looking for a robust and high performing yet compact and lightweight drill, then you might want to check this out. Due to its small size, it can fit in tight areas.

This DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit is a combination of a hammer drill and an impact driver.

For the drill, there are three-speed levels. It also has 0-38,250 BPM which is ideal for masonry materials.

Capable of providing lighting in confined or dark spaces. It offers a lot of features that makes it ideal for hard materials such as concrete, stone, brick, etc.


Speed: Get 3-speed levels and high performance (0-2,000 rpm) feature in this hand drill. It also provides an all-metal transmission.

Similarly, the impact driver gives a maximum torque of 1,825 at a fast speed of 0-3,250 RPM. Its impact by the minute is 0-3,600.

Design: The Hammerdrill and impact driver are both made compact and lightweight.

The Hammerdrill has a length size of 8.4-inch front to back and 4.7 lb weight. This can undoubtedly fit into tight areas.

Handling and storing is quite easy with its compactness and lightweight.

Battery: Also comes with two batteries of 5.0 Ah plus. These are high capacity Li-Ion batteries

Accessories: it comes with accessories like a charger, contractor bag, 360° side handles and two belt hooks.


  •     It can fit in tight spaces as a result of its lightweight and compactness
  •     Three-speed levels for high performing.
  •     Very powerful and durable.
  •     2-batteries with a long life.
  •     Accompanied by a plastic case to protect and store your hammer drill and driver.


  •     Sometimes, the trigger is intermittent during use.

Bottom Line

You shouldn’t wait to be told. Check out these machines and be glad you did. For home or professional use, these set of Dewalt 20 volt Cordless drills/hammer drills are high-performance power tools you can trust. Why not get one and start drilling?

Also, check the Buying Guide before you made any decision.

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