Best Cordless Impact Driver to Buy in 2021 (Reviews & Comparison)

Are you looking for the best cordless impact driver?

If you love to do the tough job yourself in your home, it’s one of the wisest decisions you would make to buy one.

However, how do you know what’s the right one out?

Don’t worry; we will help you out!

Impact Drivers, as the name suggests, are all about raw power. Their high torque gives you more ‘impact’ than regular drills.

These tools, with their superior rotation, can drive the most stubborn nails through the hardest surfaces and loosen even frozen nut and bolts.

Cordless Impact Driver will give you the same power and that too without the hassle of having to deal with messy wires. They’re must-have equipment for professionals, especially mechanics.

However, these can also be a real boon to lovers of DIY furniture and art pieces.

Top 10 Cordless Impact Drivers Reviews 2021

1Makita XT269M 18V
4Bosch CLPK232-181 18V
5Milwaukee 2462-22 M12
6Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2
7Bosch PS41-2A 12V
8Dewalt DCD771C2 20V
9RYOBI P883 18V
10Milwaukee 2763-22 M18

Though expensive, the best cordless impact driver is a significant one-time investment. However, there are so many of them out there that finding the most effective of them will take some research. So, to make your job here is a quick view of the best available today.

1. Makita XT269M 18V Brushless Cordless Combo Kit

Makita XT269M 18V Cordless Impact Driver

If you are looking for a well-trusted option by millions across the world, this is a good bet. First on the list is the Lithium-Ion, Brushless, Cordless Makita XT269M. This beauty is both powerful and efficient.

Due to the use of a brushless motor, Makita’s model offers some advantages over conventional carbon brush drivers. It reduces losses, avoids overheating and prevents the tool from draining its battery too quickly, making it quite a power-saver.

Since it can work at variable speeds, the XT269M can be used for diverse purposes. Moreover, because it can deliver up to 1500 in/LB of torque, it can be used for some heavy duty repairs and maintenance.

All of these factors combined, the Makita XT269M can be a convenient tool to have at home in case of emergencies especially if you want to save some money on calling a professional. As for professionals, it will function as one of the necessary tools in one’s arsenal.

The Features

  • What is it that you would love about this piece of impact driver? It does pack in quite a punch and here is a look at some of its best features on offer.
  • A BL Brushless motor which is electronically controlled. Its battery and gives you a 50% longer run time.
  • BL Brushless motor can customise its working to match torque and RPM
  • Variable 2-speed 1/2″ hammer driver-drill
  • You also have the BL Brushless motor that delivers as much as 530 in/LB Of max torque.
  • Variable speed impact driver (0-3,400 RPM & 0-3,600 RPM) with BL Brushless motor delivers 1,500 in/LB Of max torque.


Question: Is this Drill Suitable for Commercial Electricians?

Answer: Yes. The longer run-time provided by this model is perfect for long projects, and you won’t need to pause to recharge it over and over again. The speed control facility will also allow you to adjust the force on materials with varying densities, keeping them from getting damaged.

Question: Is the Makita XT269M Comfortable to use for Long Duration?

Answer: Yes. The Makita XT269M is designed to be very light. It can be effortlessly carried around and used for long durations. The fatigue that you feel from prolonged usage will be minimal.

Question: Are Batteries Included With the Drill?

Answer: Yes. The Makita XT269M comes with two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah batteries.


  • The lack of carbon brushes, the BL motor stays cool as it runs.
  • Makes it more efficient and increases its lifespan.
  • 2-speed 1/2” hammer driver-drill weighs only 4.2 lbs.
  • Speed impact driver weighs only 3.3 lbs. With battery.


  • Come with screwdriver bit clip built into the drill.
  • For very light tasks that require specific torque settings.

2. DEWALT DCF880HM2 Impact Driver


It’s the second item on our list and is your cordless driver if you have a smaller home or small rooms.

The DCF880HM2 is an excellent product if you have to work in confined spaces. Like fixing an engine, for instance. DEWALT also offers LED lights with this model so you can light up dark nooks and crannies, without inflicting damage on yourself or your surroundings.

Despite being light and compact, the DCF880HM2 is quite strong and durable. It can last for many years without any severe wear and tear. It is one of those products that can take a beating (or a dozen) and keep going. It also has an impressive battery life which you can easily monitor using the fuel gauge.

The DEWALT DCF880HM2 is an excellent product for remodelling cars, tinkering with trucks, and repairing and maintaining vehicles in general.

The Features

Here are some of the features that you would love about it.

  • Its compact and is just 5. 70″ from the front to back, making it a good portable option for you.
  • 3 LED lights, with a 20-second delay after trigger release, without shadows.
  • Hog anvil that allows you to change sockets quickly.
  • The XR Li-Ion batteries (with fuel gauge) provides 33% more standard packs.


Question: Does the DEWALT DCF880HM2 come with 2 batteries?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What are the compatible deep socket models for this impact wrench (hog ring)?

Answer: Any 1/2″ size socket will work with this wrench. You won’t need a particular device for the hog ring to hold it tight.


  • Its lightweight and weighs just 3. 4 lbs
  • The design fits into small, tight areas.
  • The LED lights provide better visibility.
  • Changes quick and secure according to your needs.


  • Not ideal for those heavy jobs.
  • Effective for heavy bolts.

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3. PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-Volt Reviews


If you are looking for a cordless impact driver that is tiny but packs in the punch, this is another good choice as well.

Like the DEWALT DCF880HM2, the PCCK640LB is a compact model that can function well in small, tight spaces. It is energy efficient and comes with a fuel gauge that is placed in such a way that it can be easily viewed while you work. It is user-friendly and comes with LED lights for extra clear visibility.

The 20V Max Lithium Ion batteries with 1.5-Amp cells deliver more power and runtime. This is a rather impressive quality in a small tool package. This avoids the need to charge the PCCK640LB too often. You can only reach for it whenever you need.

For professionals, this is a product that can function as a light supplement to more significant, more massive tools. It is perfect for small projects (especially minor constructions around the house) and would make an excellent buy for first-time users of impact drivers.

The Features

So, what is it that you would love? Here is a look.

  • Provides high-performance transmission for quick fastening applications.
  • Easy to load chuck allows users to insert bit with just one hand.
  • The fuel gauge displays the remaining charge in the battery.
  • LED Work light provides an extra source of light in dark work areas.

The FAQ:

Question: Does this model come with battery and charger?

Answer: Yes, it comes with 2 batteries and 1 charger.

Question: Is it available for 220 Volt?

Answer: No

Question: Does this model come with drills.

Answer: No. However, it will take drill bits with 1/4″ drive ends and 1/4″ drive adapter for sockets.


  • Its lightweight design reduces user fatigue, and it’s pretty easy to work with as well.
  • The compact design easily fits into tight spaces.


  • Variable speed of the driver is not finely tuned.
  • The multi-stage trigger is hard to get used to.
  • The outer surface is such that oil and dirt get stuck in it quickly and its hard to clean.

4. Bosch CLPK232-181 Impact Driver


If flexibility is what you are looking for, this one from Bosch doesn’t disappoint on any of it.

This 18-Volt Cordless Combo Kit provides a high level of manoeuvrability. It comes with two powerhouses that deliver optimum muscle-to-weight proportion. It is a top power product that is perfect for heavy-duty drilling.

The two speeds of operation available for the Bosch CLPK232-181 makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of activities. With its compact size and lightweight, it would be especially useful for home repairs and DIY projects. It is constructed for professional-grade on-site performance and is reliable and durable. It is compact compared to other products in its power-range and is built for high-grade performance.

You would love the ease of doing your work, and yet, it’s so flexible that it might just take you some time to get used to the comfort!

The Features

Here are some of the things that work for it.

  • l Bosch offers a Compact Tough 1/2” drill/driver for this model. It is the shortest head in its class.
  • l The 25618 1/4” hex impact driver offered by Bosch is up to 27 percent faster than other tools of its kind.
  • l The drill/driver has two-speed settings for high torque (0-500 RPM), ie. high speed of (0-1,700 RPM).
  • l Drill/driver’s four-pole open-frame motor allows for heavy-duty drilling.

The FAQ:

Question: Does this model come with an auxiliary handle?

Answer: No

Question: Do you ship this item internationally?

Answer: No. International shipping is currently unavailable.

Question: What is the meaning of BPM?

Answer: Blows Per Minute, for the impact driver.

Question: Do the 2 tools, with the 2 batteries and charger, fit in the bag or it is just for 1 tool?

Answer: The bag is big enough for both tools and their accessories.


  • Comes with two lithium-ion SlimPack batteries for longer runtime.
  • Batteries hold up well and they charge quickly.
  • Provides high power output for such a small tool.
  • Works well on hard, thick surfaces.


  • l Despite being a heavy-duty item, it may be more suitable for light works around the house than large-scale factory-level projects.

5. Milwaukee 2452-22 M12 Impact Driver Kit Reviews

Milwaukee 2452-22

This Milwaukee impact driver kit comes with a Milwaukee impact mechanism that delivers an impressive measure of torque.

You also get an excellent 0-2,500 rpm to handle all your needs. It can easily handle small menial works, both at home and at the office, and, if need be, handle heavy-duty projects as well. Makes the 2452-22 M12 a versatile tool.

The kit also includes 2 M12 red lithium batteries, as well as an M12 lithium-ion battery charger, along with a belt clip and a carrying case.

The 2452-22 M12 doesn’t just deliver power but is built for user-friendliness as well. Its ergonomic handle offers superior comfort and is ideal for long-duration works. The fuel gauge fitted to the driver displays the remaining run-time of its battery. This allows you to keep track of its usage and charge it as needed.

The Features

  • You get as much as 1,000 in/lb of torque and 0-2,500 rpm for increased fastening speed.
  • You would love the newly designed ergonomic handle design that offers increased comfort than before.
  • Onboard battery fuel gauge displays remaining run-time – you know just how much juice you’ve left before you need to head to the charger!

The FAQ:

Question: Does the kit come with battery and charger?

Answer: Yes. 2 batteries and 1 charger.

Question: Can the charger take a 220V input or just 110V?

Answer: It can only take 110V.

Question: Does this product have 2-speed modes?

Answer: No, it does not. It has a single speed with variable speed in the trigger.

Question: Does this driver come with work lights?

Answer: Yes, the Milwaukee impact driver comes with work lights.


  • It is comfortable to use for long durations.
  • It is small and compact, perfect for tight spaces.
  • Easily fits into the hood of vehicles for repair works and reassembly.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • More ergonomic than its predecessor.


  • It is a bit loud.
  • Larger nuts and bolts will need to be broken loose before the driver is employed.
  • Torque is non-adjustable.

6. Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 1/2-Inch Reviews

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2

The Rand W7150-K2 is a durable product that can stand up to a variety of tough jobs. Its high efficiency and metal reinforced hardware parts add to its long-life and permanent nature.

This impact driver has also made comfort a prime feature in this model. It has a comfy ergonomic handle as well as a soft touch grip, making it ideal for large long-duration projects.

In addition to durability and comfort, Ingersoll also offers a very efficient battery system. The intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) provides control over power-level and current from the battery to the switch to the motor. This allows for optimum efficiency.

The Features

  • l Ingersoll offers 1100 ft-lb of torque from a tool weighing just 6.8 lb.
  • l The Rand W7150-K2 comes with high-efficiency rare earth magnet motor, high-capacity variable speed trigger, all-metal drive train, and metal-reinforced housing.
  • l Optimized balance combined with an ergonomic handle and soft touch over-molded grip makes it very comfortable to use.
  • l Long life 20V lithium-ion battery delivers high-charge capacity and low internal impedance for maximum power delivery and runs time.

The FAQ:

Question: Can this remove rusted exhaust bolts without damaging them?

Answer: If the Rand W7150-K2 can’t turn the exhaust bolt easily, it will break it off.

Question: Do 1.5 batteries work on this tool?

Answer: Yes, they work fine.

Question: Can I order an auxiliary battery?

Answer: Yes, these batteries are easy to come by and are used for a wide range of tools.


  • Has one of the best power to weight ratio in its class.
  • Intelligent battery management system (BMS).
  • Easily snapped axle nuts and lug nuts.


  • There is a risk of damaging vehicles, especially while tightening parts, if you’re not careful.
  • It may need periodic maintenance according to how extensively you use it.

7. Bosch PS41-2A 12-Volt Impact Driver

Bosch PS41-2A

The PS41-2A is compact, and this makes it ideal for secure applications (like installing cabinets).

The kit comes with a Bosch-developed hammer and anvil system for better tool durability. Since it is lightweight, can be easily used for most professional-level fastening applications.

Bosch delivers a torque of 930 in/lbs and a no-load rpm of 2,600. This allows for more dynamic driving, helping you finish your work faster. With a head length of 5.4 inches, and weighing in at 2 lbs, it is easy to carry around and perfect for overhead work. The PS41-2A can thus be used for long hours without feeling any fatigue.

Extra conveniences include the fuel gauge which allows you to monitor battery performance and an LED lighting system which can light up dark nooks and crannies as you work.

An ergonomic soft handle makes the driver comfortable to handle, especially while working on long-duration projects. Moreover, finally, bumpers on the side of the tool prevent slipping (hence avoiding injuries) and also protect the work surface.

The Features

  • The PS41-2A has the shortest head length among its peers.
  • It has the lightest weight among tools of its kind.
  • It delivers 930 in-lbs of torque / 2,600 rpm for fast drilling.
  • A 3 LED Light Ring illuminates dark working areas.
  • Easier Battery management for long-duration work.

The FAQ:

Question: After putting the bit into the socket it still moves back and forth a little. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes, it is. This free movement is necessary for the impact mechanism.

Question: Can I use the charger for 220V?

Answer: It comes with a 110V cord, but you can use a 220V adapter. 

Question: Does the PS41 have a hole to add a clip to the base of the driver?

Answer: There is an attachment point on the top rear of the tool. 


  • Its head length is small enough to reach tight areas and corners.
  • Light enough for working long hours without fatigue.


  • Pulling the trigger can be tricky sometimes.
  • It can be set upright and has to be laid down on its side.

8. Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Reviews

Dewalt DCD771C2

Like most of the drivers we’ve seen so far, the Dewalt DCD771C2 is also designed for tight corners and compact spaces.

This impact driver comes with a high-performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts of power. It is also of a lightweight design that makes it easy to handle.

Users can choose between two different speed variations according to their needs. This combined with a high-speed transmission makes the DCD771C2 a versatile and efficient driver. In addition, This Dewalt 20v cordless drill set has also added an ergonomic handle to this model making it comfortable to use.

The kit includes the DCD771 1/2″ Drill Driver, (2) 20V Max compact lithium ion battery packs, Compact Charger, and a Contractor Bag.

The Features

  • A high-performance motor provides 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power.
  • The high-speed transmission delivers 2 speeds, with the highest being a right 1500 rpm, allowing a wide range of drilling applications for you.
  • You have a 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck offering the muscular gripping strength you need to do more.

The FAQ:

Question: Does this model have a built-in LED lighting system?

Answer: Yes, it does. It can be found right above the trigger.

Question: Does the DCD771C2 have a battery life meter on it?

Answer: No. It does not.

Question: How long does it take to charge one battery?

Answer: About half an hour.

Question: Can the drill run in reverse?

Answer: Yes, the drill has a reverse mode.

Question: It is best to discharge the battery before re-charging completely?

Answer: No. The lithium-ion batteries do not have a “memory”, so discharge cycles are not necessary. 


  • The power availability of this tool allows you to complete a wide range of work.
  • Ergonomic handle provides more comfort and control.


  • The battery pack is not fully charged out of the carton.
  • Will have to refer user manual for charging procedure.
  • It does not come with a fuel gauge.

9. Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2763-22

Milwaukee provides superior performance with its 2763-22 M18 impact wrench. It comes with a Powerstate Brushless Motor that can out-power its competitors.

The driver can deliver up to 700’/lb of torque. Additionally, you have as much as 1,100’/lb of nut busting torque. Its RedLink Plus intelligence allows the user to select any of the 2 fastening modes, each with a different torque value. This allows for greater flexibility of applications.

The Red Lithium XC 4.0 Battery Pack provides superior pack construction and long battery life. This allows Milwaukee to offer a 2X runtime for the 2763-22 M18.

Since the Impact Wrench uses a brushless motor, there will be no issue of over-heating even with prolonged use. This is another factor that helps the M18 have longer battery life.

The Features

  • You get a good 700 ft-lbs of maximum fastening torque at the maximum.
  • The Powerstate Brushless Motor runs cooler as it has no wearable components.
  • With the Redlink plus intelligence, you have a choice of 2 fastening modes – which comes with the Milwaukee's proprietary Drive Control feature.
  • The RedLithium XC 4.0 Battery Pack provides superior pack construction, electronics and performance.


Question: How does this product compare with a season 6850.

Answer: It is of nearly half the price and twice the power.

Question: How many batteries are included with the kit?

Answer: There are 2 batteries in this package.

Question: Can I use this with a torque stick for lug nuts?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Does it come with 5.0 batteries or 4.0?

Answer: It comes with 5.0 batteries.


  • Provides up to 2X more runtime.
  • The 1/2 Inch Anvil with friction ring allows for faster socket changes.


  • It can cause arm fatigue from prolonged use if you have to use it with one hand (like while under a car).
  • May not be suitable for very compact, tight spaces.

10. RYOBI P883 18V Super Tool Combo Kit


The great thing about RYOBI is that over 70 great ONE tools work with the same 18V battery platform.

Furthermore, its lithium-ion batteries hold a charge for up to 4 times longer and offer a runtime that 20% longer than its closest competitors. The battery is also quite light and reduces the overall weight of the driver.

The impact driver comes with a reciprocating saw as well as a circular saw. The reciprocating saw can be used for demolition and general cutting and the circular saw which has a 5-1/2″ carbide tipped blade can rip through sheet goods.

The work light comes with a swivel system that lets you direct it to where you need it the most. The tools are also ergonomically designed for better comfort and overall balance.


  • Any 18V ONE blue or green tool works with any 18V ONE battery, so you don’t need to worry about using up much power. It’s as easy and straightforward as you want it to be!
  • The kit includes 2 P102 compact lithium-ion batteries as well as a P118 dual chemistry charger. Additionally, your cordless driver can work with some other batteries as well.


Question: Will the circular saw cut through a 2×4? Cutting depth states 1 9/16 which is less than 2×4.

Answer: Yes, A cutting depth of 1-9/16″ should cut a through a 2X4 (dimensional lumber) which is 1-8/16″ X 3-8/16″ (1.5X3.5″).

Question: Does the drill in this combo have a light on it?

Answer: No, there is no light on the drill.

Question: Can I use the charger with 230V 50Hz?

Answer: No, the charger supplied is 120V, 60 Hz.


  • Kit includes two 18V ONE Compact Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  • Comes with 2 Batteries, Charger, Tool Bag, Drill, Circular Saw, Work Light, Reciprocating Saw.
  • Buying the kit is cheaper than buying each tool separately.


  • The reciprocating saw is heavy and a little difficult to hold steadily.

10 Steps To Buying The Best Cordless Impact Driver

The final product you pick must be able to meet your needs in a manner that conforms to the following fundamental considerations and features:

  • Torque

All impact drivers are built to confer higher torque or rotational power. However, different tasks will require different levels of torque hence it is vital that you put this feature into proper consideration or else there was no need in you choosing an impact driver over a traditional screwdriver. Make sure that your impact driver selected has just enough torque to do the job.

  • Need for speed

This is another factor to consider before settling for that particular model and brand of an impact driver. Speed is vital because when you elect to go for an impact driver, you need something that will give you better results within a reasonable period.

  • Size and weight

This feature is paramount because it will significantly impact on the comfortability of using the driver. The smaller and lighter the driver, the more comfortable it is to use it.

  • Battery life for Cordless Drivers

Since most electric drivers come in cordless form, battery strength is a vital consideration as far as the efficiency and performance of the driver is concerned. Choose a model that has a longer lasting battery such as Li-ion. This will ensure that you get optimum results without power disruptions.

  • Availability of Parts and Service

All machines wear and tear, and hence they require to be serviced. It is essential to make sure that the brand you are choosing has spare parts available (especially locally) and it can be maintained locally instead of having to ship it back to another country for repairs.

  • Money Matters Matter

After putting all the above into consideration, it is now time to find which brand and model has all these features at the best price. Go ahead and also see which dealer does offer the model at the best rates. Dig deeper and find if there are benefits such as warranties, money-back guarantees and even discounts so that you can get the best value for your money.

  • Brand Matters Matter

Since different manufacturers produce different qualities of impact drivers, it is a prudent thing to put this matter into consideration. This is because everything reproduces after its kind. A bad tree produces bad fruits, and likewise, a mediocre manufacturer will deliver goods after their nature, that is, mediocre. Choose a reliable brand such as De Walt, Mikita, Milwaukee, Bosch and Porter Cable.

  • Place the order

After all the above steps have been followed, it is now time for you to commit your money and buy an impact driver. Amazon is an excellent place to compare products and order online.

If you are confused, keep in mind that you should look the customer feedbacks.

  • Does not overheat:

Brushless motors help to nullify overheating. Overheating can cause irreparable damage to your product for once and for all. If the product you are using cannot handle massive power, then it will subsequently warm up. That is a warning sign. It would help if you looked for models that have brushless motors to avoid this problem.

  • Battery life Indicator:

When you are opting for a cordless impact driver, then power efficiency should be foremost on your mind. Since the product will need charging, it will be helpful for you if the battery is long-lasting and does not exhaust itself even after heavy duty products.

Some impact drivers come with an in-built fuel gauge so that you are always aware of much power is remaining. If you opt for those, then you can be assured that your impact driver will not run out of control during emergencies.

  • LED Lights:

Often, it would help if you used the impact driver in dark crevices and corners that the human eye cannot see clearly. In that case, impact drivers with LED Lights will be extremely useful in ensuring precision and avoiding any unexpected injury. Clear visibility is always a pro, and you should weigh it in.

  • Versatility:

If you are a person who engages in mechanical work often, then you should choose a device that is suitable for use during heavy-duty work as well as joint projects. Your product should provide a high torque power for all purposes. Some impact drivers come with speed variations, and they are very flexible.

  • Easy to handle:

The model you choose should be light in weight because you will be holding it for a long time. Excess pressure on your hands is unwanted. It will also be beneficial if the handle is of an ergonomic design and soft to touch. You will be able to use it for a longer duration.

  • Has the power:

Cordless impact drivers may not be as powerful as the traditional ones, but you do need them to pack in the punch. Check in the torque and how easy it would be while working with it.

Bottom Line

You don’t just need to look for the price or the features – you need to one that fits you right.

A best cordless impact driver is recommended if you indulge in occasional mechanical work. Make a wise choice, and go over the features when you are evaluating an option. Do a comparative study, so you will opt for the one that meets all your requirements.

Last Updated on August 12, 2021