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Last Updated on August 12, 2021

An edge sander is a variant of the normal sanders. It is a machine that runs on electricity and is used to smoothen wooden surfaces. This is to give it a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The best edge sander comes equipped with a vertically moving table that allows the buyer to position the wood as they wish.

There are two major types of edge sanders, and they are classified according to the functions they perform. The first out of the two sections is the “floor” or “handheld sander”, this type of sander is used specifically for hard to reach corners of the floor and walls.

And the second edge sander in this category is the “belt sander”, this is essentially used by a woodworker to smoothen out the edges of timber they cut.

Edge sanders are one of the most versatile sanders out in the market, and that is exactly what they are made for. They are made to be functional and do practically all the functions impossible for another sander to perform.

Because of how powerful edge sanders are, they are big, but also portable enough for one person to use freely without stress or strain.

Top 6 Edge Sanders Reviews 2021

ModelBelt SpeedPowerPrices
Delta 31-482 Edge Sander3,900 FPM1/2 Hp, 115V/230V
JET 708447 Edge Sander3900 SFPM1/2 HP, 115/230V
SHOP FOX W1730 Sander3150 FPM2 HP, 240V
Powermatic 1791293 Sander3,542 FPM460 V - 3 HP
Grizzly G1531 Edge Sander1800 FPM1-1/2 H.P, 110V/ 220V
Grizzly G0512 Edge Sander1800 FPM1/2 HP, 110V/220V

Here are our top rated Edge Sander reviews 2021

1. Delta 31-482 Oscillating Edge Sander

Delta 31-482 Oscillating Edge Sander

The delta edge 31-482 is an oscillating edge sander equipped with the necessary tools to make a woodwork difference. An oscillating edge sander is made to sit on a table in order to be at its top function.

They usually come with a long sandpaper belt that is attached to two drums that roll continuously. The user just has to put the wooden material close to the sander, and this takes off the imperfection.

Features: The Delta 32-482 is a 6 inch by 89-inch edge sander. And, it is equipped with a one-phase motor and a belt speed of almost 4000 FPM. It has a cast iron contour sanding table for maximum convenience to the user.

And comes with a fence and a spacious dust hood to protect the user from harmful dust that comes from the wood when sanding. Also equipped with its own miter gauge and tracking tool that tells the user how much wood he has sanded and much more.


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty that is longer than any other edge sander in its range.
  • The sanding power that comes with the Delta 31-482 is very powerful and aggressive, thereby enabling the user to smoothen even the hardest of wooden surfaces with ease.
  • The design and body are made from ground steel, giving it a longer working life.


  • It can be a bit of a pickle to assemble because the manual is a bit vague.
  • It does not come with any extra part.

2. JET 708447 Oscillating Edge Sander

JET 708447 Oscillating Edge Sander

The JET 708447 draws a league of impressive tools with it that makes woodwork a breeze. They are very powerful but yet highly reliable, and convenient to use by an individual.

It is a machine designed for exceptional wood sanding. The jet edge sander gives the user the ability to sand the fine contours of wood at its fingertips.

It is big and powerful enough for the big jobs and small and convenient enough for the individual using it for a smaller scale work with convenience.

Features: The JET model 708447 is a 6-inch by 1-1/2 oscillating horsepower edge sander. Sounds impressive right? There is more. The JET model 708447 has an edge, a face, bevel, and even contour sanding all in one, making it one of the most versatile edge sanders in its range.

This amazing attribute gives the user the power to handle both big and small woodwork simple. The Jet is also marked by a quick-release lever and a tracker for the belt. Making the art of edge sanders woodworking a breeze.

They make the outer body up of ground steel adding to its durability and strength. Coming equipped with the ability to tilt to several degrees increases usability for and convenience.


  • It has a dust port that collects all the dust for the user keeping his working place clean.
  • The tilting ability and contour table makes is easy to get to curves and corners.
  • This edge sander is a reliable and powerful horsepower sander that comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • It weighs 275 pounds, that being said, it is heavy and will easily add to the worker fatigue.
  • It is expensive.

3. SHOP FOX W1730 Oscillating Edge Sander

SHOP FOX W1730 Oscillating Edge SanderSHOP FOX W1730 Oscillating Edge Sander

The SHOP FOX  W1730 is in a class of its own, when it comes to all the vantage it brings to the table. They have described the SHOP FOX as a true heavyweight edge sander because of its impressive build.

The company designed it to stand the test of time with its tough parts. However, quality is assured and one can use it safely without any fear or inconvenience.

Features: This edge sander has the most jaw-dropping traits, and any woodworker would want it in his workshop. The SHOP FOX comes with a 6-inch x 89-inch horse-powered belt oscillating at an amazing 52 rounds per minute.

Its oscillation is vertically, but it is equally as good as horizontal belt sanders. It has two 4-inch dust pods, not one but two, and also three spindle drums as opposed to two of most other edge sanders. In addition, they make the table to move both horizontally and vertically to accommodate a wider array of working pieces and techniques.

A similar but peculiar trait it has is the cast iron main table, a removable fence which professionals advise to be kept there for security reasons and 180-degree adjustable miter gauge.


  • It sands with precision because of the stability given to it by its cast iron table and steel ground.
  • Its ball-bearing is permanently lubricated taking away the stress of lubricating now and then.
  • The quick-release belt tension lever makes working with it safer and easier.


  • It comes with no extra attachments, so the user has to buy everything else he needs.
  • The belt can easily get dust built up on it.


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4. Powermatic 1791293 Oscillating Edge Sander

Powermatic 1791293 Oscillating Edge Sander

The Powermatic 79129, model OES9138 is an oscillating edge sander with a story to tell in the finishing it gives. It is made specifically to handle large workpieces though it can be used for small workpieces too.

It oscillates at 24 rounds per minute, this is not the most impressive but it gets the work done. It has a pedestal control switch that gives the user easy access. And with a 48-inch platen, it offers the largest work surface in its category.

Features: The Powermatic 79129, model OES9138 has some of the most impressive traits in its category. It features a tilt navigating table that makes it easy to finesse and get the best out of the machine.

With a very generous cast iron plating of 48-inch by 9-1/2 inch, which comes covered with graphite from the production company. This strong outer layer gives it support and the graphite layer cools it down as it works to avoid over-heating.

The Powermatic also has an impressive 3HP motor that powers a gearbox which in turns provide the efficient oscillation the Powermatic is known for. It also comes equipped with a bearing assisted tensioning device making belt changes too easy.


  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It comes with a long cord that powers it. And a bearing assisted tension device that makes for quick belt changes, giving the user less downtime and longer working time.
  • The pedestal control switch gives the user very quick and easy access.


  • It weighs a whopping 872 pounds, so it is big and heavy.
  • It is more suitable for large-scale work and is not as efficient for small scale work.

5. Grizzly G1531 Edge Sander

Grizzly G1531 Edge Sander

The Grizzly G1531 is a 6 x 80-inch edge sander. They describe it as “the heart and soul” of production of custom cabinets around the country.

It offers the user an impressive number of 30 platen-backed sanding surfaces. This makes it perfect for finishing and sanding almost every possible surface, be it for doors or any other types of furniture around the house.

Now you see why it is the heart and soul of custom cabinets. It also has curved panels that make sanding easy once the user adjusts the height to fit his preference.

It also comes equipped with a change knob conveniently places where the user can easily reach and make the adjustments. Well, we are not finished here, wait till you see the features it offers.

Features: The Grizzly, model G1531 has some nice abilities any woodworker would want. Like the 6-inch x 80-inch graphite coated platen, and a really functional 220V belt sander that gives the owner enough work time before having to change the belt.

It also bags a 22-inch x 10-1/2-inch cast iron table with a miter gauge, this gives the user a really large working space. It has a 4-inch dust collector that keeps the air clean the working place spotless.

The graphite and cast iron outer covering give it very solid protection, and that gives it a longer working life before any repairs are needed. With all these features what woodworker would not want this in his workshop.


  • It does basically everything a woodworker needs to finish home furniture. So all in one.
  • It is the most versatile edge sander you can find with all the features and how it works.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty and a knob that gives the user maximum control. The one-year warranty also means that the owner can return at any time within that period if it becomes faulty.


  • It is not an oscillating edge sander.
  • The support for adjusting the table is not as steady and the user will have to replace the knots.

6. Grizzly G0512 Edge Sander with Wrap-Around Table

Grizzly G0512 Edge Sander with Wrap-Around Table

The Grizzly G0512 is an edge sander designed for woodwork that needs a large surface area for it to be done properly. It has a 2-inch 1/8 rollers that allow the user to get to tighter areas that other edge sanders cannot.

This enables this sander to fine sand even the tightest curves like that of a guitar and another musical instrument without destroying the shape. And with a quick belt release mechanism, the belt can be changed very fast.

Features: Some of the most functional abilities of the Grizzly G0512. Is the four-sided support that makes sure the table is not lopsided giving the user maximum stance and strength. And the toggle safety switch which helps the user toggle between powers supports safely.

It also comes with a 24-inch x 42-1/4-inch table side, wider than most another edge sander in its ranger. It also has a hand-wheel table height change making it possible for the user to quickly adjust the table as he goes.


  • It is not expensive, so if you are on a budget then this is right up your alley.
  • It is easy to use and handle, making it great for beginners.
  • It comes with a spacious dust port.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It is not the best edge sander for large-scale work.
  • It can be hard to assemble.
  • There is no warranty.

Why You Should Always Finish With The Edge Sander

Finishing any woodwork with an edge sander is of paramount importance. This is because finishing it gives cannot be compared to any other and it is also the easiest and safest way to go.

Other methods of finishing always leaves varnish on the floors and other parts of the floor are dented and the finishing is not smooth. This is not so with an edge sander, because it has been designed in such a way that the user can easily switch it off thereby avoiding any scratches or dents in the floor because of an extended stay in a position without moving.

To finish with an edge sander is not the only thing you must always do. You must also hire a professional that knows how to use an edge sander. Be it an oscillating edge sander or a horizontal edge sander, it can give your wood-work the perfect finish if it is used well.

Also finishing an edge sander creates a much smoother and professional-looking finish, it does not like out any marks that make the work looks like an amateur finished it. It does not take much to start finishing with an edge sander, all you have to do is place an order for one that suits your woodwork preference and start using the versatility of the edge sander to your benefit. Because with an edge sander the difference is not just fair, the difference is great.

How to Use an Edge Floor Sander

The edge sanders are a very powerful machine, but using it is relatively easy if you follow the instructions. When you purchase an edge floor sander it usually comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble it, so the first step you want to take before using the edge floor sander is to assemble it as instructed.

After you have assembled it, what you want to do next is attaching the dust collector, making sure the dust collector is properly attached will save you from a cloud of dust when you are working and hundreds in health bills later.

When you want to start using the sander, make sure that the tires are positioned in such a way that it lifts the edge sander from the floor giving you maximum mobility without it touching the floor.

And always start with medium-grit sandpaper, as this will allow you sand in a controlled way. It is very important that you keep your floor sander in motion at all times when you begin sanding because leaving it on a spot without switching it off can cause it to dent the floor which is always bad.

It is also very important that when using a floor edge sander, you move your machine back and forth instead of side to side, as the side movement can leave a zigzag pattern that looks awful when the job is finished.

If you are doing the above and it seems to be taking longer than you want it to, then you can simply use a coarser grit of sandpaper. Just make sure it’s not too coarse, so it does not sand off more wood than you need. With all the above instructions, you see why finishing with a belts sander is important.

Buyers Guide

If you intend to get yourself an edge sander, here are a few tips you should keep in mind before you purchase.

Budget & Price: Before going out to buy an edge sander, you first have to have a budget. An average edge sander can range from 200 dollars to sometimes 5000 dollars.

The price depends entirely on the features it offers. What you want to do with this guide is to make a budget and research to see the best edge sanders within your budget. That is the one you want to buy.

Power: With different types of woodwork comes to different levels of power needed by the woodworker. That the more work you need to do the more power you need. The power offered by an edge sander differs with each model, some can offer you as low 2 horsepower and as high as 40 horsepower.

And with everything else in between, so all you have to do is see to the power your work needs and buy an edge sander that can give you that and even more.

The Belt Drive: the belt drive of an edge sander determines how fast you can grind through wood and get the work done. Some belts sander can offer you 1200 SFPM while others can give you 3900 or more SFPM in belt speed.

If all you need is a machine to smoothen the surface of small and softwood, then you need an edge sander with lower speed, but for larger woodwork, you want a faster belt. So keep this in mind when buying yourself an edge sander.

Bench Space: The space offered by an edge sander can determine the size of the woodwork a person can handle at a time. Some oscillating edge sanders come with a space large enough to handle wide woodwork while others do not.

And the user will have to unmount it for it to handle larger woodwork. Basically, what you want is an edge sander with enough space for you to do your work. So make sure the space specified is enough for your kind of work before you buy.

Hold on to the above tips and you will buy yourself a top-notch edge sander with no stress. Whether it is a floor edge sander, an oscillating belt sander or a handheld edge belt sander.

Also check UK’s top rated belt and disc sanders at GM of the year.

Bottom Line

With the review given above, we are sure that you are now familiar with what an edge sander is. What it does, some of its pros and cons and also guides to help you buy them, you can confidently go out and buy yourself best edge sander like a professional who has used them before.

Also, know that this review was given with no bias, so you have all the best knowledge, pros, and cons as it is. So, get out there and get yourself one of these powerful machines. Your woodwork needs it.

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