Best Cordless Sander Reviews 2021

Last Updated on August 12, 2021

Most of the hobbyists have questions before buying the best cordless sander. That’s why we are presenting this article about the best of them available.

All the tools are personally tested by our team, so you can trust the review and then make your buying decision.

However, if you are a weekend wood warrior with small sanding tasks of your house, the cordless sander will work perfectly fine in your basement.

Read on further to know the best cordless sanders, their top features, and price.

Top 10 Cordless Sanders Reviews 2021

ModelMax SpeedWeightPrices
Makita XOB01Z Orbit Sander11,000 OPM2.9 lbs
Ryobi P411 Orbit Power Sander10,000 OPM3 lbs
PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B Orbital12, 000 OPM1.95 lbs
Ridgid R8606B Orbit Sander-3.45 lbs
PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Detail11, 000 OPM2.49 lbs
DEWALT DCW210P1 Sander Kit12, 000 OPM6 lbs
Black & Decker BDCRO20C Orbit Sander12, 000 OPM3.3 lbs
Makita XOB01T Orbit Sander Kit11,000 OPM11.7 lbs
DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit-7 lbs
Festool 201531 Cordless eccentric sander-6.48 lbs

Here are our top-rated Cordless Sander reviews 2021.

1. Makita XOB01Z – Random orbit sander

Makita XOB01Z

Makita does it again by offering a fantastic cordless random orbit sander that offers power, durability, and comfort at a very competitive price. With 18V battery, Makita XOB01Z offers 3-speed settings – 7000, 9000 and a maximum 11,000 Orbits Per Minute. What’s more? It also has a pad control system to control the pad speed after startup.

The battery of this 5-inch sanding machine lasts for 20 minutes at maximum OPM while if you choose to work at a lower speed, it can last up to 40 minutes. Its 1/8-inch random orbital movement makes sure to give you a scratch free and smooth finish.

The cordless random orbit sander has a smart and sturdy build with a comfortable grip combined with efficient dust collection. At only three pounds of weight, you can use the tool with one hand keeping another hand free for a cup of coffee.

It fits comfortably in your palm and works with lowest possible vibration. Power and variable speed button lie in its front for easy access. With all these attractive features and three years’ warranty, this tool gives mains powered sanders a run for their money and offers a great deal to grab. Overall, best choice for any furniture refinishing project.

Remember, the purchase box does not include a battery and its charger. You have to purchase them separately. If you want them all together, then there is a different kit that also consists of a carry bag.


  • Variable speed control
  • Ergonomic design


  • Cannot handle large areas

2. Ryobi P411 One+ – Random orbit sander

Ryobi P411

Solid battery life of 35 minutes and attractive design makes Ryobi P411 a competent cordless random orbit sander. The 18V battery delivering 10, 000 OPM on its 5-inch pad gives high quality and smooth finish to any material. It features a hook and loop pad mechanism that will allow you to use the existing sanding pads with the machine and replace them easily.

Decent ergonomic design and rubberized grip keep you comfortable during long working hours. Due to its design, it is easy to handle either from the top or middle grip. There are vibrations, that is right, but they are minimum.

Talking about its weight, 2.5 pounds is not going to create any trouble while working. Switch lock is another helpful feature of the sanding machine that makes sure that you do not have to tire your hands and there is a dust bag included in the purchase box to keep the working area clean.

Still, wearing a face mask is recommended for extra protection. Charger and battery for the tool are sold separately. It has a three-year warranty. At this price, the features are hard to beat.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip


  • Lacks variable speed control


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3. PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B – Random orbit sander


You must be waiting for Porter-Cable on this list, here it comes with a great and pretty looking cordless random orbital sander – PCCW205B. The cordless orbit sander offers what we expected from this brand- quality, solid built and comfortable.

A 20V battery providing 12,000 OPM sets it apart from other competitors. Only industrial high-end sanding machines have a higher voltage than 18V, which is an average for most of the cordless orbital sanders. Battery backup totally depends upon how you use the tool, but it should give you anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes.

Any of the 18V battery power sander will work with the machine but we recommend using only 4.0 Ah batteries for extended backup. Apart from that, at such high OPM, you will be able to complete the sanding job quickly and effectively.

The low profile design of the random orbit sander gives you complete control over it and creates minimal vibrations. Its 5-inch sanding pad uses a hook and loop system and has a dust collection bag with 1-1/4-inch port. You can always remove the bag and connect the vacuum hose to the port.

The only disadvantage we can mention is the absence of variable speed control, but its performance, convenience and sturdy built overcomes that and gives you good value for the investment. It comes with a three-year limited warranty and 90 days’ money-back guarantee.


  • Powerful battery
  • High speed
  • Comfortable grip


  • Lacks variable speed control


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4. Ridgid R8606B Gen 5X- Random orbit sander

Ridgid R8606B Gen 5X- Random orbit sander

Ridgid brings a long-lasting battery, sturdily built and complete dust collection with R8606B, a handy and impressive random orbit sander.

It comes with a 6-Speed variable speed dial that gives it a variable speed of 7,000 to 11,000 OPM and a powerful 4.0Ah HYPER Lithium-Ion battery of 18V, which lasts for more than 40 minutes. The cordless sander also features an innovative GEN5X Motor Technology, which maintains both speed and power even under heavy load.

The sander has a solid build and the manufacturer claims that its dust collection is able to gather 90 percent of the particles. We do not have any doubt about it, but if you find any problems with the dust collection, you can always use a vacuum hose as the dust canister is easily removable. Battery and charger are separate items to purchase, so add them to the cart if you opt this sander.

We tried R8606B on both rough and fine surfaces and the results were great. In addition, the battery power sander lasted for more than 45 minutes. However, we would appreciate the brand if they work on its uncomfortable grip in the next version. Overall, a fine and hardworking product from Ridgid.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Variable speed dial
  • GEN5X Motor Technology


  • Uncomfortable grip

5. PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B – Detail sander

PORTER-CABLE PCCW201B Cordless Detail Sander

One of the best cordless detail sanders from Porter-Cable, PCCW201B has a great construction quality. The power of 20V is substantial and it also has a variable speed dial to set the OPM from 9,000 to 11,000.

Having a variable speed control in a battery powered sander is always beneficial as you can control the speed according to the material and usage and hence the battery lasts longer. You can use any 20V battery with the sanding machine, but it is always recommended to use the 4.0AH one.

The cordless palm sander has a low profile design and comfortable rubberized grip to reach small places and give you complete comfort while working.

The power switch is dustproof for extra durability. The dust collection box is very effective, does its job well and eliminate the use of any vacuum hose. But, yes if you want or need, the dust box is removable to connect a vacuum hose.

We saw a drawback that it’s diamond tip degrades quickly, maybe that is why there are a couple of tips already included in the purchase box.

The manual mentions that it comes with a finger attachment, but it was not available inside the box, which is surprising from a brand like Porter-Cable. Anyway, PCCW201B is solid sanding machine coming with a three-year warranty.


  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Features variable speed dial


  • Low-quality sanding tip
  • Lacks finger attachment


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6. DEWALT DCW210P1 – Orbital multi-tool sander


The cordless random orbital sander from Dewalt sanding machine comes with a 5-inch brushless pad and its 20V 5.0Ah battery offers the required runtime and power to complete any project.

It has a variable speed dial to control the oscillations speed between 8,000 – 12,000 per minute, depending on the materials. You can lock the dust bag securely to collect the particles and it even supports two dust collectors including DWV010 and DWV012.

If you want to connect the DCW210P1 with an external vacuum hose, DWV9000 Universal Quick Connector is needed, which is sold separately. For easy replacement of sandpapers, its 8-hole pad has a hook-and-loop mechanism.

The sanding tool has a rubber molded ergonomic grip for extra comfort. Low profile build of the tool helps you to reach tight places resulting in precise outcomes. It has a weight of 1.9 pounds, which adds to 2.1 pounds once you attach the dust bag. Its power switch is dual sealed for durability and protection from dust particles.

As this is a cordless multi-tool, in the cordless orbital sander kit you will find 5.0 Ah battery, charger, dust bag, carrying bag, and of course the Random Orbital Sander. It comes with a three-year limited warranty in which there is a one-year free service and ninety days’ money back guarantee.


  • Includes variable speed dial
  • Powerful
  • Brushless pad for extended runtime


  • Expensive

7. Black & Decker BDCRO20C – Detail sander

Black & Decker BDCRO20C

This 20V convenient cordless random orbital detail sander works rapidly on any furniture or other wooden furnishings. It has a dust canister that leaves the workplace clean once you are done with the woodwork. The compact design of this sanding tool gives it an extra edge over other competitors.

BDCRO20C has a maximum OPM of 12, 000 so that it can quickly remove material, paint or stains from any material. Sandpaper replacement is also very easy as it features a hook and loop mechanism.

One of the best things- it includes everything in the purchase box including the sander, 1.5Ah Battery, its charger and couple of 5″ Round Sandpapers. The cordless hand sander comes with a 2-year limited warranty and the manufacturers also claims that you will be satisfied with the product and if not, you can get a refund within thirty days.

We talked to some users who are using it regularly and they happily recommended the product. They further explained that the runtime is perfect for finishing household tasks.


  • Powerful and compact
  • High OPM
  • Includes the charger and battery


  • Tiresome grip

8. Makita XOB01T – Random orbit multi-tool kit

Makita XOB01T

An 18V 5-inch random orbit sander, XOB01T is highly efficient for woodworkers. The cordless multi tool sander features three-speed settings of 7,000, 9,500 and 11,000 OPM that is quickly changed from an electronic switch. After a single charge, its 5.0 ah battery delivers up to 40 minutes of average runtime.

However, if you will use the sanding device at low speed the run time can go up to 65 minutes and on high speed, it will be around 35 minutes. It’s large 1/8 inch random orbit oscillations capable for fast removal of materials provides smooth sanding and swirl-free finish.

It also has a pad brake to reduce free spin that adds to improved finishing. The sander uses an 8-hole hook-and-loop system so that you do not have to face any difficulty while changing the abrasive paper.

Makita has included STAR Protection in the tool to improve its performance and extend battery life. STAR protection is a technology that communicates between the tool and battery in real time for data exchange and monitors overheating, overloading and over discharging while in use You can also use Makita 18V LXT lithium-ion battery with STAR protection mark to power the tool.

The purchase box includes a couple of Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Batteries, rapid optimum charger, dust bag, 5-inch round abrasive disc and tool bag. On the tool, battery, and charger, you will get a three-year limited warranty.


  • STAR technology for high performance
  • Hook and loop system
  • Variable speed dial
  • Extended run time


  • After talking to several users, we have not received any complaints about the tool.

9. DEWALT DCS355D1 – Oscillating multi-tool kit


Sanding, cutting or scraping, whatever the purpose is, you just need the oscillating multi-tool from DeWalt – the DCS355D1. It works with sandpaper pads, blades and a number of other attachments that will help you to modify all kind of materials.

DCS355D1 Produces 20, 000 OPM at 1.6 degrees, which is more than enough to complete any project in no time. Makita is famous for innovative tools and that’s what this sanding tool proves.

Most of the sander manufacturers include a variable speed dial in their sanding products to control the speed, but Makita has introduced a paddle trigger in DCS355D1 for speed control. The trigger works well but there is a downside of this new mechanism- it only locks either at maximum or minimum speed. Means, if you need anything in between you have to hold the trigger all the time.

The weight of 3.2 pounds is quite low for a multi-tasking tool. Even its 2.0 Ah XR battery has a slim design that contributes to the low weight. To show the fuel meter, the battery operated sanders also has three LED lights.

The industrial design of the tool with sleek curves looks solid while most of it is covered by rubber, which adds to the comfort and balance. Looking at its grip you may think that it is a drilling tool from Makita as they use similar rubber coverings on most of their drills. There is also a LED light on the front to help you work in dark areas. Makita provides a three-year warranty on this model.


  • Comfortable and precise
  • High oscillations


  • Cannot lock paddle trigger at every speed

10. Festool 201531 ETSC 125 – Eccentric sander

Festool 201531 ETSC 125

One of the best sanding product, only if you are a sanding expert and do not mind the high price. ETSC 125 surpasses all of its competitors with its endless features and quality build. First, this is a versatile hybrid sander that you can use either with electricity or battery. Such feature expands its usability in any working environment.

Second is its battery that charges within 25 minutes and lasts for more than 30 minutes at full speed. The third is its dust collector, which never leaves a particle on the floor. If you will use a separate dust extractor from the company, it will work even better, but you can’t complain about the inbuilt one as well.

Fourth, the sander is comfortable and has a non-slippery grip that gives you complete balance and comfort. The construction quality is sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. This is not the end; this Festool cordless eccentric sander also has a smartly placed variable speed dial that you can use easily while sanding.

Choose anything between 6,000 to 10,000 OPMs to get a perfect finish from its 1/16-inch random orbital movement. Coming with a warranty of three years, this is the best you can buy for your sanding tasks.


  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy design


  • Expensive
  • Not recommended for beginners

Tips On How To Use A Cordless Sander

Sanders are used for various smoothing and finishing works. These lightweight units are easy to use on materials like wood, plastic and even metal. But, you have to take care of a few things while using them. Read the tips and instructions below, so that you can gain the desired sanding results.

Safety: First and foremost, be safe. So, wear a face mask and protective glasses while using a sander.

Use cordless orbital or belt sanders for large surface: Both of these cordless sanders are powerful enough for large areas as they can remove paint, stains or wood grains quickly. Belt sanders can also reshape wooden materials. For example, you can easily fix a sticking door using the best budget small belt sander.

Use cordless detail sanders for small surface: Such sanders are perfect for sanding small surface and tight areas, especially furniture legs, intricate or decorative items. They can clean such areas or materials for painting and staining.

Choose the right sandpaper: Sandpaper comes with different grits; higher grits means finer grain particles. Sandpaper with low grit value is rougher as compared to sandpaper with high grits.

  • Fine grits (150 to 180) – Used to finish or refinish any material or surface
  • Medium grits (40-60) – Used to remove stains or paint
  • Coarse grits (20-36) – Used to smooth a rough surface

Benefits Of A Cordless Sander

It used to be true that cordless sanders cannot be equivalent to corded sanders in terms of power. But, with the growing backup technologies, things are changed. So, what are the benefits cordless sanders can offer? Let us have a look.

Accessibility: Using a cordless sander, you can work anywhere without worrying about a nearby power outlet. Sanding creates a lot of dust and it is better to do it outside. Cordless sander allows you to do the same even if you do not have a long cable to connect the device with a power outlet.

Safety: Suppose you connect a long cable while working outside. What about safety? You or someone else can get tangled resulting in an accident.

If you are working on a large project and there are co-workers around walking with sharp tools and heavy objects, then it is even more dangerous as the cable may go unnoticed by them. Using a cordless sander eliminate such chances of accidents and health hazards.

Dust collection: Most cordless sanders come with a dust bag. So, even if you are working indoors, you will not face much trouble as you just have to empty the dust filled dust box. Dust collection will keep the area clean and prevent any health trouble.

Weight and storage: Generally, wired sanders are hefty and are difficult to carry. While using cordless sanders you do not have to carry the extra burden as they are comparatively lightweight. Even you can easily store it anywhere.

Buyer’s Guide Of Battery Powered Sander

A particular sander will work well on one project while it may fail on others. Failure or success depends on features that we already discussed in the reviews.

If you are going to buy a cordless sander for the first time, it may be confusing to choose a one. It is better to think about your requirements because there are many options available with different features and qualities. We have mentioned ten best cordless sanders, but before you purchase one, please think on the following points. The price can vary outside US. Suppose, if you are in UK check the best cordless sanders in UK & product reviews for better information.

Usage: If you are going to use the cordless sanding device only for one project, they always go for a cost-effective sander offering the required power, speed, and backup. On the other hand, if you will work as a professional, look for a sander that has a robust build, high speed, more power, and extended backup.

Sanding surface: Look for the material or surface that requires sanding. If you will work on a piece of small furniture than a low powered sander will work, but if you are going to use it on large wooden floor regularly, then you will need something powerful and comfortable.

Once you have the idea of your requirements, then you can compare the different features.

OPM: Orbits per minute are the measurement for spinning of sanding discs. High OPM results in fast sanding and vice versa. Some sanders always perform at the highest OPM, which is 12, 000 on an average.

There are other sanders that come with variable speed control offering different speed settings for a variety of materials. Such sanders are also easy to control. So, once you know what kind of surface you will work on, the selection of a sander with right speed or speed settings will be easier. If you have different surfaces to sand, opt for a cordless sander that has a variable speed control.

Battery backup: Cordless sanders use a rechargeable battery as their power source. While 20V batteries are more powerful, they are used by professionals, so if you are a weekend sander then you can always select a sander coming with a battery of 18 volts.

Volts and battery types can give you a light idea of its backup time as well. If you need extended backup, then go with a sander offering higher Ah (amp-hour). In the list, we have mentioned sanders like PCCW205B that has a 4.0 Ah while DCW210P1 has a 5.0 Ah battery, which is long-lasting as compared to the former. Depending upon your use and project type, you can select the battery type and sander.

Dust collection: After battery power and OPM, dust collection is another important feature that you should consider. While most of the cordless sanders come with the dust bag, not all are same. Important things that you can check on a dust collector are.

1. Size: Dust collectors are of different size. Check the same depending on the duration you will be working on material. Choose a model that has a bigger dust canister, so that you do not have to waste time while emptying it repeatedly.

2. Dust collection option: Some of the battery sanders only has a canister for dust collection while many others have the option to connect an external vacuum hose as well. Select one that suits your project.

3. Ease of removal: One-handed removal of the dust box is easy. So, we will recommend looking for the same feature in a battery sander.

Warranty: Generally, cordless sanders come with a warranty between one to three years. A maximum warranty means peace of mind as you will not have to look for any other servicing option in that duration apart from the trained engineers provided by the manufacturer.

Long warranty duration also gives you an idea about the product’s quality. A better warranty means that makers have confidence in their product. That’s why they are offering extended service as they believe that their products will not raise any complaints. So, always choose a cordless sander with a longer warranty.

Apart from the limited warranty, you will notice thirty or ninety days’ money-back guarantee on the cordless sanders. This is again a huge benefit as you can return the product once you find any fault or non-working part.

Cordless Vs Corded Sanders: Differences

It is all about convenience and power: A battery sander can work even if you do not find any power outlet nearby, but it cannot hold enough juice to keep working for hours. We agree that the cordless sanders have become powerful in terms of OPM, but backup is still under an hour.
Winner: Corded

Cordless sanders have no cable attached: So, no chances of a damaged cable while working resulting in interruption. We have seen incidents where cable got cut along with the wood, but it only happens on big projects. Cordless sanders have no such possibility.
Winner: Cordless

If you are a professional woodworker: At times you may have to work in a new house where electric cables and outlets are not installed and configured. In such cases, cordless sanders have a definite edge over the wired ones.
Winner: Cordless

While working on longboards: Wired sanders have an extension limit while with a cordless counterpart, you can move and work freely.

Winner: Cordless

Bottom Line

Considering all the features, price and performance, we have mentioned the top ten best cordless sander. Makita XOB01Z is our top pick because of the brand’s reliability, comfort, and variable speed control.

Its grip gives you complete control and you can do the sanding jobs in an easy way. Its OPM is not as high like PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B or DEWALT DCS355D1, but for most of the household works, you will get a smooth and nice surface.

All the reviews are unbiased, so you can trust them and we hope that this list will help you in deciding the right cordless sander for your task.

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